Using the TaxRate and TaxID objects to collect taxes on your invoices.

    Collect and report tax on your invoices and subscriptions.

    With Tax IDs and Tax Rates, you can:

    • Store Tax IDs for your customers, like VAT IDs, which Stripe can then validate with appropriate government agencies
    • Create inclusive or exclusive tax rates for VAT, GST, and US sales tax and apply those tax rates to individual invoice line-items, invoice subtotals, or all of the invoices in a subscription
    • Export CSV tax reports detailing how much you collected in tax in a given jurisdiction

    Stripe’s tax solution is live, and we’ll be actively developing new features going forward.

    Tax Roadmap

    Stripe is committed to helping business with transactional tax. Here are some of the features we’re working on:

    • Better tools for determining the right tax rate for a customer and product
    • Support for tax within Checkout
    • Verification of additional tax ID types in new regions
    • Better tools for tax reporting
    • Synchronous integrations with third party tax solutions

    For feedback or interest in betas of these products, please contact Stripe.

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