Customer portal

Customer portal

The simplest way to build a subscription and billing management dashboard.

The customer portal is a secure, Stripe-hosted page that lets your customers manage their subscriptions and billing details.

The portal provides subscription and billing management features that allow your customers to:

  • Update subscriptions, including upgrading, downgrading, and changing the quantities of their subscriptions
  • Cancel subscriptions, immediately or at the end of a billing period
  • Update payment methods like adding and removing cards
  • View billing history and download invoices
  • Update billing information, such as their email address, phone number, and shipping address
  • Apply promotion codes when updating a subscription
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You can also customize the portal to match your branding and business model. This includes your logo, headline, colors, and links to your terms of service and privacy policy. Localized versions of the portal are automatically displayed to customers based on their browser settings. The supported languages include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Getting started

With the customer portal, you can provide subscription and billing management functionality to your customers without building it yourself. After you configure and integrate the portal, customers are redirected to a co-branded dashboard where they can modify their subscriptions and billing details. See the integration guide to get started or view the full API Reference.

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Future roadmap

The customer portal’s product roadmap includes adding new features that improve the experience for your customers and support for additional business models beyond current limitations. Features that are currently being scoped as part of the product roadmap are:

  • Updating subscriptions with multiple products and metered billing
  • Email authentication so that customers may visit the portal using a static URL
  • Programmatic access for modifying an account’s portal configuration for users of Stripe Connect

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