Additional features
Charging automatically

Charging automatically

Stripe can automatically attempt to pay an invoice if the customer has a payment method on file. Where an invoice is set to be charged automatically, a charge is attempted about an hour after the invoice’s creation.

Set the subscription or invoice’s collection_method property to charge_automatically to automatically charge the payment method on file.

For both one-off invoices and subscriptions, you can also configure automatic charges through the Dashboard.

Retrying failed payments

When an invoice payment with an iDEAL, Sofort, Bancontact, credit or debit card fails, Stripe will retry payment according to your Dashboard’s automatic collection settings.

To avoid bank fees, Stripe does not retry invoice payments made with ACH debit, BECS debit, or SEPA debit. If the invoice is associated with a subscription, the subscription status is immediately set to whichever option you configured in the Dashboard.

You can choose the schedule of retries, or you can allow Stripe’s Smart Retries feature to optimize the schedule and number of retries.

Using machine learning, Smart Retries chooses optimal times to retry failed payment attempts, so as to increase the chance of successfully paying an invoice.

The Smart Retries feature attempts to retry the customer’s charge up to four times within a customizable period. You can override this behavior (for all invoices) in your Dashboard’s automatic collection settings, by disabling Smart Retries and defining your own custom retry rules. You can also configure what happens to the invoice’s subscription, if one exists, after all retry attempts have been exhausted. This transition action (e.g. cancel the subscription or mark the subscription as unpaid) will only apply to invoices with the subscription attribute. Invoices generated without a subscription but with subscription line items will not have any retry final action applied.

Sending email reminders

You can configure Stripe to send email notifications to your customer:

  • Upon failed payment attempts
  • With receipts after invoices are paid
  • When a subscription is about to renew
  • When a card on file is about to expire
  • When a payment requires 3D Secure, or reminders to complete such a payment

Before you send emails, be sure to customize the branding in your account settings.

Sending email reminders for incomplete payments requiring 3D Secure

When your 3D Secure settings are configured to enable the Send a Stripe-hosted link for cardholders to authenticate when required option, emails will be sent to your customers when charging their card on file – and when they’re not present – requires them to complete 3D Secure authentication. The email links to a Hosted Invoice Page where they can confirm the payment.