Hosted Invoice Pages

    Use the hosted invoice page to securely collect payment from your customers with zero setup.


    The hosted invoice page provides a secure, private URL at which your customers can:

    • View the details, amounts, and status of the invoice
    • Pay the invoice using any of the enabled payment methods
    • Download PDF copies of the invoice and receipt

    A sample hosted invoice page

    All finalized invoices within Stripe Billing are assigned a secret unique URL which you can choose to be shared with your customer. These invoices are hosted by Stripe, making it an easy and secure way to quickly collect payment from your customers without any extra implementation code.

    The URL itself is generated to include a securely long and random identifier that’s 32 characters long, resembling

    The hosted invoice page’s secret URL is only shared with your customers when enabled in your invoice email configuration, or if you share the URL directly with them.

    Sharing the URL in the invoice email

    You can configure Billing’s invoice email to include a link to the hosted invoice page.

    When enabled, the hosted invoice page URL appears in:

    To enable the hosted invoice page by default for all newly created invoices, select the checkbox for Enable hosted invoice pages within the Billing settings page in the Dashboard.

    Enabling hosted invoice page by default on the Billing settings page

    To enable the hosted invoice page on a per-invoice or per-subscription basis select the Include a Stripe-hosted linked to an invoice payment page in the invoice email checkbox on the subscription or invoice edit pages.

    The email sent to the customer will contain a link to the hosted invoice page.

    Enabling hosted invoice page when creating an invoice

    Customizing the hosted invoice page branding

    The hosted invoice page is customizable with your:

    • Brand color
    • Logo
    • Icon

    You can customize these brand settings on the Business settings > Branding page in the Dashboard.

    Setting allowed payment methods

    You can configure invoices to allow payment with or more of Stripe’s supported payment methods. You can set defaults to be applied to all newly created invoices from the Dashboard’s Billing settings page, on a per-invoice basis from the Dashboard’s new invoice page, and a per-subscription basis from the Dashboard’s new subscription page,

    When enabled, the hosted invoice page displays the list of allowed payment methods to the customer, allowing them to choose the payment method that works best for them, with the benefit of having Stripe handle complex payment and authentication flows (without any extra implementation effort from you).

    In Europe, for example, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation require customers to confirm their payment with 3D Secure (3DS). In this case, the hosted invoice page displays the payment confirmation modal to your customer.


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