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Account tax IDs

Account tax identification numbers

Storing and rendering your tax ID numbers with Stripe Billing.

Displaying your tax IDs on invoice documents is a common regulatory requirement.

With Stripe, you can add up to 10 tax IDs to your account. Tax IDs are displayed in the header of invoice and credit note PDFs.

You can:

  • select a default tax ID to appear on every invoice and credit note PDF
  • define a list of tax IDs to appear on a specific invoice


Tax IDs can be added and deleted via the Invoice template settings page on the Dashboard. Once a tax ID has been added in the Dashboard, it can be set as the default tax ID for every invoice and credit note PDF. Tax IDs are immutable: the country and ID cannot be changed after the tax ID has been saved to your account.

To display multiple tax IDs on an invoice, you can use the API or the Invoice Editor to specify which tax IDs to show.

Adding and removing IDs

Visit the Invoice template settings page. Scroll down to the “Manage tax information” section to add a new tax ID or remove an existing tax ID:

Manging account tax IDs in the Dashboard

Setting a default tax ID

On the Invoice template settings page, scroll down to “Manage tax information” and locate the tax ID you want to set as the default. Click the “more” menu and select “Set as default.”

Setting a default account tax ID in the Dashboard

Once a tax ID is set at the default, a label will be visible in the tax information box:

A default account tax ID in the Dashboard

Displaying multiple tax IDs on invoices

Using the Dashboard

You can set a list of tax IDs in the Dashboard using the Invoice Editor. Account tax IDs cannot be modified once an Invoice has been finalized.

In the Invoice Editor, scroll down to the “Advanced Options” section and toggle it open. Click the checkboxes to toggle which tax IDs will be displayed on that invoice. To remove tax IDs from the invoice, uncheck the boxes.

Adding, changing, and removing account tax IDs from an invoice in the Invoice Editor

Using the API

After a tax ID has been added to your account, you can use the API to specify up to 10 tax IDs for an individual invoice. Account tax IDs can be added when creating a new invoice using the invoice create endpoint by passing a list of object IDs to the account_tax_ids parameter.

Removing, changing, or adding account tax IDs on an existing invoice can be done using the invoice update endpoint by passing a list of object IDs to the account_tax_ids parameter.

Supported Tax ID types

Currently, Stripe Billing supports the following Tax ID types in the following regions:

Country Enum Description Example
United Arab Emirates ae_trn United Arab Emirates TRN 123456789012345
Australia au_abn Australian Business Number (AU ABN) 12345678912
Brazil br_cnpj Brazilian CNPJ number 01.234.456/5432-10
Brazil br_cpf Brazilian CPF number 123.456.789-87
Canada ca_bn Canadian BN 123456789
Canada ca_qst Canadian QST number 1234567890TQ1234
Switzerland ch_vat Switzerland VAT number CHE-123.456.789 MWST
Chile cl_tin Chilean TIN 12.345.678-K
Spain es_cif Spanish CIF number A12345678
Austria eu_vat European VAT number ATU12345678
Belgium eu_vat European VAT number BE0123456789
Bulgaria eu_vat European VAT number BG0123456789
Cyprus eu_vat European VAT number CY12345678Z
Czech Republic eu_vat European VAT number CZ1234567890
Germany eu_vat European VAT number DE123456789
Denmark eu_vat European VAT number DK12345678
Estonia eu_vat European VAT number EE123456789
Spain eu_vat European VAT number ESA1234567Z
Finland eu_vat European VAT number FI12345678
France eu_vat European VAT number FRAB123456789
United Kingdom eu_vat European VAT number GB123456789
Greece eu_vat European VAT number EL123456789
Croatia eu_vat European VAT number HR12345678912
Hungary eu_vat European VAT number HU12345678912
Ireland eu_vat European VAT number IE1234567AB
Italy eu_vat European VAT number IT12345678912
Lithuania eu_vat European VAT number LT123456789123
Luxembourg eu_vat European VAT number LU12345678
Latvia eu_vat European VAT number LV12345678912
Malta eu_vat European VAT number MT12345678
Netherlands eu_vat European VAT number NL123456789B12
Poland eu_vat European VAT number PL1234567890
Portugal eu_vat European VAT number PT123456789
Romania eu_vat European VAT number RO1234567891
Sweden eu_vat European VAT number SE123456789123
Slovenia eu_vat European VAT number SI12345678
Slovakia eu_vat European VAT number SK1234567891
Hong Kong hk_br Hong Kong BR number 12345678
Indonesia id_npwp Indonesian NPWP number 12.345.678.9-012.345
India in_gst Indian GST number 12ABCDE3456FGZH
Japan jp_cn Japanese Corporate Number (Hōjin Bangō) 1234567891234
Japan jp_rn Japanese Registered Foreign Businesses’ Registration Number (Tōroku Kokugai Jigyōsha no Tōroku Bangō) 12345
Korea, Republic of kr_brn Korean BRN 123-45-67890
Liechtenstein li_uid Liechtensteinian UID number CHE123456789
Mexico mx_rfc Mexican RFC number ABC010203AB9
Malaysia my_frp Malaysian FRP number 12345678
Malaysia my_itn Malaysian ITN C 1234567890
Malaysia my_sst Malaysian SST number A12-3456-78912345
Norway no_vat Norwegian VAT number 123456789MVA
New Zealand nz_gst New Zealand GST number 123456789
Russian Federation ru_inn Russian INN 1234567891
Russian Federation ru_kpp Russian KPP 123456789
Saudi Arabia sa_vat Saudi Arabia VAT 123456789012345
Singapore sg_gst Singaporean GST M12345678X
Singapore sg_uen Singaporean UEN 123456789F
Thailand th_vat Thai VAT 1234567891234
Taiwan tw_vat Taiwanese VAT 12345678
United States us_ein United States EIN 12-3456789
South Africa za_vat South African VAT number 4123456789