Women entrepreneurs: starting and scaling technology businesses in the United States

Stripe and Georgetown partnered to understand the opportunities and barriers faced by women entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

Women entrepreneurship is up, but representation in tech is lagging

The percentage of women-owned businesses across industries increased from 29% to 40% from 2007 to 2018, but the share of women-founded tech companies has remained stagnant since 2012.

of women consider their business to be a tech company, compared to 8% of men
of U.S.-based technology startups had a woman founder in 2017
of total VC funding went to companies with a male founder

Solutions to close the opportunity gap

Women-founded businesses tend to be smaller in size and receive less funding than male-founded startups. The research offers solutions to help women entrepreneurs leapfrog institutional biases through access to:

  • Increased credit and funds, including grants, angel investors, or loans
  • Networks and mentors that help think through critical business decisions
  • Incubators, accelerators, and training opportunities to grow their businesses

“Women continue to be underrepresented in the sector as employees, in leadership, and as entrepreneurs.”

Women Entrepreneurs: Starting and scaling technology businesses in the United States

The Georgetown Institute