Let other businesses sell their products directly within your mobile app.

Mobile commerce done right

Mobile websites don't convert well: while mobile devices represent 60% of browsing traffic, they only account for 15% of purchasing.

In-app buy buttons fix this with an instant purchase experience for customers. With Relay, you can let customers purchase products from other sellers directly within your app.

Your commerce API

It’s easy for any e-commerce company to programmatically share their product catalogs, SKUs, and inventory and to accept orders from your app.

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Start in minutes

Relay standardizes how product data and orders are shared between e-commerce retailers and your app.

Receive product data

Businesses can link e-commerce systems or directly add product info and SKUs.

Actionable product screens

Rather than just linking to a webpage, let customers convert from within your app.

Send structured order info

For each sale, we'll help send all the info the business needs to complete the order.

Platform friendly

Relay is integrated with popular e-commerce platforms like Demandware and SAP Hybris, making it simple for sellers to get up and running.

Calculate taxes and shipping

We’ve even partnered with companies like Avalara, TaxJar, EasyPost, and Shippo to help you calculate taxes and shipping for products globally.