Your Finance and Customer Service organizations typically own this phase, which Stripe estimates to typically take about a week.

Finance and Customer Service Team Training

We recommend training your Customer Service team on using the Stripe Dashboard to see charges, and to handle refunds and chargebacks. We also recommend training your Finance team on retrieving the monthly exports of summary, transfer, and balance data via the Dashboard.

For sample training content, see Stripe’s Dashboard Overview for Customer Service and Dashboard product documentation.

Here are some considerations to convey in this training:

  • You can remove, add, and update customer subscriptions directly via the Dashboard. However, you should consider how these actions interact with the logic within your own application. For instance, if the subscription is canceled in the Dashboard, will this cancel access to your service/product?

  • Deleting a product or plan won’t cancel the subscription for all of the customers subscribed to that product or plan. If you want to delete a product or plan, you need to cancel each customer’s subscription. This might be done more effectively via the API.

  • Delete with caution. Deleting a customer, subscription, product, or plan cannot be undone.

Contacting Stripe

If your team has questions on specific issues, they should log into your Stripe account, and then contact us via the Stripe support page.

When emailing Stripe, we recommend that you provide an issue summary, followed by any relevant information, as shown in this example:

Customer Name: Jenny Rosen

Customer Email:

Charge ID / Transfer ID /: xxx 




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