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Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet. We think that building an internet business is a problem rooted in code and design, not finance. We also believe that there are far too many barriers to doing business on the internet and that the opportunities to do it are not equally distributed throughout the world. To break down those barriers and make the opportunities available to anyone, we’re designing the future of tools and infrastructure for starting, running, and scaling an online business—from anywhere in the world.

The Design team works across most projects at Stripe—from our brand voice and websites to events, web and mobile products, and even printed publications. And since Stripe’s main audience is other people who build products, we agonize over and take pride in crafting user-friendly and user-focused experiences.

Learn more about how the design team works and who you’d work with.

About the Writing team and the role

We’re about 20 people on the Design team, and we’re divided into smaller teams: Product Design, Communication Design, Brand Design, UX Research, Design Operations, and our nascent Writing team.

Stripe, at its core, strives to simplify what has traditionally been complex. As the leader of the Writing team, you will build out a function that strives to simplify while talking up to our sophisticated and knowledgeable audience. The Writing team will help set the vision for and do the hard work to deliver our brand narrative, marketing/launch communication materials, and in-product content and information architecture. The Writing team will establish a consistent tone of voice, create distinct style guides for brand, marketing communication, and product, and build the tools and infrastructure that make it easier for the rest of Stripe to write and publish more content, while continuing to push the level of quality.

As the manager of this brand new team, we’re looking for an experienced leader who will have the opportunity to both build Stripe’s writing infrastructure from the ground up and recruit and develop a highly talented team of brand, communication, and product writers (or content strategists, if you prefer that title). We go to extraordinary lengths to produce world-class work, and you will get a chance to both deploy your hard-earned experience and stretch and build your skills in an organization where your area of work is highly valued.

You will:

  • Be the first manager for this newly-formed team
  • Manage the team that plans, writes, and continually improves the words on most of Stripe.com
  • Introduce the function of content strategy and writing to a company full of writers that has never had a dedicated writing team
  • Create a team environment that enables great writing and an original brand voice
  • Grow the team to meet business demands and employee development needs
  • Develop resources, processes, and guides to enable your team to work efficiently and have high impact
  • Work with Design and Stripe leadership to determine content direction
  • Work closely with our Marketing, Comms, Product Management, Product Engineering, and senior leadership to deliver stunning and effective work
  • Report to the Head of Design

You may be fit for this role if:

  • You are extraordinarily skilled in both written and spoken communication
  • You are relentlessly user-focused and your best work is done in a highly collaborative way
  • You are strategic, critical thinker, and have strong creative direction skills
  • You’ve managed a growing team in a rapidly growing organization with 5+ years of management experience
  • You have experience methodically developing the skills and careers of your team members
  • You excel at creating environments that motivate and inspire people to do their best work
  • You can find a meaningful balance between optimizing for speed, quality, and doing risky, but interesting work

You should include these in your application:

  • Your LinkedIn profile or resume
  • A link to your portfolio (even if it consists of or includes work done by your team)

We look forward to hearing from you.

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