Technical Operations San Francisco

Technical Operations helps with the technical components of moving money into and out of Stripe on behalf of our users and their customers. We embed within the Payments engineering teams where we coordinate the day-to-day technical operations and communications necessary to accept funds through the supported payment networks and subsequently pay it out to our users. With these teams, we troubleshoot and diagnose technical problems with the integrations, operationalize manual tasks as integrations come out of beta, ensure mandatory, scheduled reporting is frictionless at scale, and return the knowledge and tools developed along the way back to the rest of Stripe.

You will:

  • Engage in technical relationships with nearly every financial partner or network Stripe currently or possibly integrates with
  • Answer inquiries and requests from partners and internal Stripes relating to our technical integrations, often requiring investigation and sometimes code changes
  • Identify and automate manual processes and blockers between Stripe and our Financial Partners
  • Be an organizational expert and ensure technical asks from partners are routed to the appropriate team or individual to ensure they are answered sufficiently
  • Ensure asks from internal Stripes are routed to the appropriate teams or individual to ensure they are answered sufficiently and quickly
  • Bebug, scope and escalate technical issues and investigations with partners and ensure they follow through on any required remediations or improvements
  • Prioritize tactical technical asks from partners
  • Provide engineering teams with guidance on prioritization of deliverables across partners
  • Coordinate or participate in cross-team projects related to financial operations, particularly ones that cross the internal-external boundary, and require a high degree of technical expertise (i.e. TIN Mismatches and 1099s, ACH Return Blacklisting, onboarding data quality)
  • Work with engineers to improve internal documentation and tooling

You should:

  • Have demonstrated great project management skills and are highly self-motivated
  • Have demonstrated excellent communication, particularly with both technical and non-technical individuals
  • Be able to leverage technical skills to answer questions, diagnose bugs and find improvements in Stripe’s integrations with our partners
  • Be comfortable using SQL to investigate problems and to build a holistic understanding of the scope and urgency of problems
  • Be comfortable coordinating projects across multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Be comfortable making code changes in isolated parts of the system (i.e. reporting, tooling)
  • Be comfortable coming up with frameworks which help others scale (i.e. docs)
  • Be comfortable reading and understanding technical specifications from partners
  • Be able to understand how partner needs or system limitations would impact Stripe and our users, and respond according to Stripe’s operating philosophy

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