Risk New Hire Trainer and Program Manager Dublin

Education is hiring an inquisitive, empathetic and forward-looking trainer and program manager to partner closely with Risk’s Core team to scale the new hire training program. The New Hire Trainer and Program Manager will sit on the Education team with strong dotted reporting to Risk Core. For the first few months, this person will be fully embedded in Risk to gain underwriting subject matter expertise and build relationships on the Risk Operations team. This person will develop functional expertise in learning and development, iterate and improve on Risk’s new hire trainings, and eventually take on additional programs. The role is based in Dublin with spending 6-12 weeks in San Francisco initially.

Risk is scaling quickly; over the next half alone, the team hopes to hire over 20 new Risk Stripes, between our Dublin and San Francisco offices and support multiple new classes of agents at vendor sites in Folsom and Cork. Beyond the immediate growth, we need to stay focused on achieving robust and efficiently scaled operations, through continual improvements with each new class.

The New Hire Trainer and Program Manager will be responsible for ensuring all new Risk team members (Strategists, Underwriters, Vendor Agents) acquire the requisite underwriting knowledge and skills to be equipped for their day-to-day role. After a spin-up period, this Trainer and Program Manager will facilitate the majority of underwriting-focused trainings for new hires, leaning on subject matter experts to lead some sessions and consult on content updates. Though much of the program content already exists, it will still require continual tweaks in response to learner feedback and performance. Over time, supplementary trainings should be added to the go/learn path and new content created as we roll out additional review types to underwriters and vendor agents.

Expectations for first 6 months:

  • Spend 6-12 weeks in San Francisco initially, becoming proficient in all areas of underwriting and shadowing risk trainings.
  • Schedule trainings and underwriting shadow sessions for new hires.
  • Facilitate sessions of Underwriting 101 (generally for a group in the range of 3-8 people).
  • Effectively facilitate a range of training exercises and manage your classroom (virtual or in-person) to ensure all participants are using the time productively.
  • Become responsible for ensuring Risk’s new hires get spun-up for their roles quickly and effectively.
  • Think critically about how we can measure the effectiveness of instruction, knowledge transfer and participant satisfaction for our trainings.
  • Begin to work with the Quality Manager, Vendor Manager, and Underwriting Manager to tweak content or delivery and improve learner performance.

Beyond 6 months:

  • Be responsible for all Underwriting 101 content, delivery and learner performance, working with the Quality Manager, Vendor Manager, and Underwriting Manager as necessary.
    • Develop and go/learn Risk spin-up content, and keep it up-to-date and in line with best practices to allow learners the opportunity to revisit trainings in their own time as needed.
    • On an ongoing basis, sync with Subject Matter Experts on to build trainings on newly released ‘general’ review types and fit those trainings effectively into Underwriting 101.
  • Track metrics to assess the time taken to effectively spin-up new hires on specific content/skill areas and work to increase efficiency over time.
  • Proactively work with Risk to understand training needs and work with Subject Matter Experts to develop training resources.
  • Give managers state on the performance of a new Stripe on underwriting reviews during their spin-up.
  • Work with the rest of the Education team to learn and enact best practices in training facilitation, instructional design, learner experience, and program development.
  • Drive the scaling of our training infrastructure and material so that we can efficiently and effectively educate vendors, internal Risk team members, and other partners at Stripe on Risk-related content to perform in their roles.
  • Join the Risk Core team’s efforts in moving more review-based work to vendors by expanding existing trainings.
  • When working with vendors, visit sites when necessary to lead train-the-trainer sessions and build relationships with training and quality leads and agents at those sites.
  • When working with vendors, provide actionable feedback to the site leads and the vendor management team.

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