Risk Credit Strategist San Francisco

Help keep Stripe solvent.

Stripe processes billions of dollars for thousands of businesses around the world today. As we scale, we’re building novel, user-friendly ways to assess and manage credit exposure across a variety of businesses, many of which do not lend themselves to traditional credit risk assessment. This is where you come in: we’re looking for someone to help us scale Stripe’s credit risk management as we grow, and to expand our product and business innovation to credit risk assessment. You’ll work closely with our risk, finance, and engineering teams to build credit policies for our diverse user segments, design solutions that can scale with our user base, and evaluate and manage credit risk for businesses small, large, conventional and unique.

You will:

  • Improve Stripe’s credit risk policies and define acceptable exposure at the portfolio, segment, and entity level.
  • Design and execute on creative processes (both manual and automated) to manage risk for large or unusual accounts, and handle deviations from acceptable risk levels.
  • Collaborate with teams across Stripe, such as engineering, finance, and financial partnerships, to implement and communicate credit policies that balance risk mitigation with user experience.
  • Join a fast-paced and innovative risk management team seeking to challenge the payments industry status quo.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has at least 4-5 years of experience assessing business credit risk and building business credit policies, with a solid understanding of credit assessment fundamentals.
  • Has a keen business and product sense, and knows how to evaluate a business using a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, from reading financial statements to sussing out business plans.
  • Has a track record of developing data-driven and creative solutions for supporting large, unusual, or high-risk businesses.
  • Is attentive to detail, and enjoys checking all the boxes and driving a process to completion.
  • Is naturally creative and curious, and enjoys working with a constantly changing and cross-functional team.

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience working in a high-growth startup environment.
  • Banking, venture capital, or consulting experience.
  • A background in statistics or working with large data sets, especially with SQL.

Include these in your application:

  • Your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Your answer to the following: given free rein, what are one or two improvements you would have made to the processes at a company or organization where you have worked? - How would you assess if the change(s) was (were) successful?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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