Product Operations, Connect San Francisco

Stripe is a technology company that builds ecommerce infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of all sizes, new startups to larger companies like Yelp and Facebook use our software to accept payments and scale their businesses.

The Connect team builds the platform used by many internet marketplaces to accept money and pay out to third parties (see As Product Operations, you’ll be a key member of the team, working directly with product management and engineering. You’ll be responsible for building strong connections with user-facing teams (support, sales, account management, etc), empowering them with product knowledge, ensuring a tight product feedback loop, and coordinating smooth, high-quality feature launches. In some cases, you will also work directly with top users, learning more about their use cases and problems as you help them get more out of the product. This role is highly cross-functional and will be a critical lever for us to deliver more value to more users, faster.

What you’ll do

Operationalize Products

  • Plan, coordinate, and drive discipline around the processes for user betas, launches, global rollouts and migrations (in partnership with go-to-market teams).
  • Make sure user-facing teams are ready with the information and processes required to support new products (training, playbooks, documentation, resolution paths, FAQs, etc).
  • In general, setup, manage, and optimize any non-technical processes that help your product/eng team meet its goals more efficiently. Build processes for scale.

Build Strong Product Feedback Loops

  • Work with user-facing teams (and in some cases with users directly) to collect, quantify & communicate product-related challenges to be considered by product and engineering in future development.
  • Uplevel the understanding of how the product is being used in the real world.
  • Help translate top user insights into product solutions.
  • Surface use-cases and edge-cases from around the world. Work with regional teams to validate requirements and proposed product solutions.

Scale Product Knowledge Throughout the Company

  • Serve as a central expert, and maintain an updated central source of truth for information about your team's products.
  • Partner with user-facing teams to help them make more tailored content for specific audiences.
  • Regularly provide updates on your products and progress in Product Ops team-wide channels (internal newsletters, internal webinars, etc).

Build a Global, Cross-functional Community

  • To smoothly facilitate the above activities, you will partner closely with other functions like product marketing, support, account management, product training, and others.
  • Identify and actively build connections with relevant subject matter experts across the company to surface insights, to get them excited about what your team is building, and to pave the way for smoother future rollouts.
  • Serve as a central point of contact for inbound requests from other teams, responding (or appropriately routing them) to save engineering time.

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Can develop a deep understanding of a complex product and its complex use-cases.
  • You are excited about becoming an expert in both of these topics.
  • You’re creative about figuring out how a product is used and misused by our users and what that means for various internal teams (like Risk, User Ops, and Product).
  • You understand how online marketplaces and platforms work and can articulate the tradeoffs between account types and funds flows for our users.
  • You’re able to reason about this with new users just getting started and established businesses looking to expand or pivot.
  • Have strong analytical skills.
  • You enjoy working in SQL/Redshift.
  • You can analyze user feedback patterns and use these insights to drive product improvements.
  • You can comfortably present data analysis to product and eng leadership on an ongoing basis.
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • You’re great at explaining highly technical topics to technical and non technical audiences, with a talent for building empathy for user problems.
  • You can communicate well with our users, partners, and Stripe about Connect.
  • Are an awesome project and program manager.
  • Able to write clear and concise functional specs, project / release plans, and roadmaps.
  • You’re able to work with and direct many stakeholders towards our stated goals. In some cases, you’re operationalizing the insights we have from working with users to scale with Stripe.
  • You’re effectively with engineering and go to market teams to get our products to market.


  • 2+ years of experience in an operational, product or project management role.
  • You have experience with payments-related products or with technical platforms.
  • You are comfortable with the Connect product and its main interactions with other Stripe features and conversant in key concepts, enough to talk to users convincingly at the level of

We look forward to hearing from you.

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