Path Forward - User Operations Returnship San Francisco

The Return to Work program at Stripe is a 16-week paid internship for experienced professionals returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving. Stripe is excited to be part of the Path Forward program because we know that caregivers returning to work bring unique skills and perspectives to our teams. This program offers a chance to revamp your skills, update your resume with new experience, and make connections with other caregivers transitioning back to the workforce.

The program is open to caregivers who have at least 5 years of professional experience and have been out of the paid workforce for at least 2 years to focus on caring for a child or other dependent. If this describes you, we’d love for you to apply!

More about user operations

Stripe is expanding to power the online payments infrastructure throughout the world. Product Support team members collaborate from across the UK, the continental US, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia, Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong. We aim to delight users with friendly and helpful Support, gathering feedback to drive improvements to our products. We also work closely with every part of the organization to scale Stripe globally and learn how to support businesses ranging from mom and pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Product Support at Stripe interacts with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and our team has grown to match that diversity. People on the team have previously provided support at MIT and Ringling Bros., trained professionally in opera, launched a sustainable seafood business, created an all-natural skincare line, and so on. We’re a close group that’s passionate about helping people, improving products, and using animated GIFs.

If you’re a strong writer, a fast researcher, constantly curious, and can’t stand users having anything less than a stellar experience, we want to hear from you!

Guide to the onsite interview


  • Spend your time interacting with Stripe users.
  • Optimize our internal and external documentation.
  • Work closely with teams across the organization to improve our products.
  • Identify and initiate changes to help scale our operations.
  • Gain unique insights into how thousands of businesses on Stripe scale and innovate.
  • Collaborate with individuals and teams across Stripe to launch new products and markets.
  • Learn how Stripe operates from the ground up and make an impact on the future of the organization.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Love writing, and can do so quickly and clearly (you need to be fluent and highly proficient in English).
  • Feel comfortable with technical concepts, have great analytical skills, and can explain how Stripe works to a range of audiences.
  • Will empathize with users and quickly grasp the issues they’re facing.
  • Enjoy the puzzle of solving open-ended problems.
  • Love constantly learning about a changing technical product, even when it’s a little out of your depth.
  • Happily take on new projects which involve researching to quickly become a subject matter expert, and driving them to completion.
  • Are willing and able to work at least one weekend day per week (you’ll be able to take a weekday off in lieu).

Nice to haves:

“Nice to have” really means “nice to have”. It’s completely possible that you don’t have any of these and are still a great fit for the team.

  • Prior experience in a support specialist, tier II/III support role or similar.
  • Languages you’d be comfortable communicating in beyond English, if any.
  • You love having data to back up an argument. You’re a strong believer in knowing the numbers and what they mean. You are highly analytical and you have the skills to gather data independently.
  • You’re proficient at writing code in a few different languages (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, PHP, Objective-C, C#, Swift, Kotlin, etc) and enjoy learning new languages and technologies. We understand that languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework.

It’s not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas—we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in at least one area, and have some interest and capabilities in the others.

You should include these in your application:

  • A resume or Linkedin profile
  • Why you want to work in this role.
  • Your answer to the following: given free rein, what are one or two improvements you would have made to the processes at a company or organization where you have worked? How would you assess if the change(s) was (were) successful?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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