Partner Engineer Singapore

Technical expertise dedicated to Stripe’s strategic partners.

As a Partner Engineer, you’ll be responsible for end-to-end technical success of Stripe’s partners, often launch partners for a particular part of Stripe’s platform such as Relay or Connect. Our partner engineering team works with our partners throughout the entire lifecycle of their Stripe experience. Our partners are an extremely diverse group—from the fastest growing technology-driven startups, to more traditional and less technical enterprises who nonetheless excel in their business fields.

You will:

  • Become a technical expert on the Stripe platform.
  • Provide technical consultancy externally to Stripe’s partners and internally to our partnerships team.
  • Plan and execute complex partner integrations end to end.
  • Serve as the primary technical point of contact for our largest partners’ technical teams.
  • Provide structured feedback to the product team’s developer partner products.
  • Develop tools, processes, and documentation to scale technical partnership operations.
  • We’re looking for technical people who are great at working face to face with partners (and prospective partners).

You should be:

  • A strong technical generalist.
  • Comfortable with reading and debugging code in two of Stripe’s supported languages.
  • Operationally savvy, with an ability to identify and eliminate process friction.
  • Confident and collaborative with partners.
  • Someone who enjoys the puzzle of solving open-ended problems, both individually and as a member of our team.

The ideal candidate:

  • Probably writes code from time to time (not necessarily production code).
  • Has reasonable proficiency with SQL.
  • Has demonstrable communication skills on technical topics.
  • May have been an engineer in a past life.
  • Has experience in a field-facing role.
  • Is a natural when it comes to working with partnerships.

You should include these in your application:

  • Your CV, résumé or LinkedIn page
  • Links to work of which you’re particularly proud

We look forward to hearing from you.

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