GSOC Manager San Francisco

Help us scale our global security team!

The Corporate Security team at Stripe is looking for a high performing and experienced Security Operations Center Manager to join our team in San Francisco, CA. As the Security Operations Center Manager at Stripe, you will be responsible for developing and managing our operations center in San Francisco, to support the company globally. You will develop workflow frameworks, risk models, response models, and performance standards and metrics to measure effectiveness. The GSOC at Stripe is a dual-use model that will also support network operations monitoring systems and staff, to ensure business continuity and promote a collaborative approach to crisis management. This role will be based in San Francisco, California, collaborating onsite and with other offices around the world. A collaborative, analytical, and rigorous approach to problem solving is required.

In this role you will:

  • Serve as an expert resource in determining the jobs to be done in the GSOC.
  • Work closely with Stripe’s Security Operations team to manage guard force operations and tasks, often dispatching a security specialist to complete a task many thousands of miles away, in another country and time zone.
  • Have a “follow the sun” framework that recognizes that the company never sleeps, and we are supporting a global business that is always supporting our users.
  • Build a capability for advanced threat response for our offices, to include risk analysis, multi-team coordination, and law enforcement response for an imminent threat or active shooter event.
  • Help to support intake and analysis of risk and threat data that may inform a decision or action that best supports Stripe offices, people, or technology.
  • Develop services or programs that support other teams at Stripe, including security, engineering, business development, market expansion, and user operations (support).
  • Support Stripe’s travel safety program with an emphasis on duty of care for employees. This will include a travel platform, tracking, and other services that help enhance safety.
  • Develop KPI’s and metrics to measure individual operator performance and effectiveness.

To be considered for this role, you must have:

  • Six or more years of experience working in specialized security programs in a commensurate role with similar responsibilities. Former GSOC management experience is desirable.
  • Current responsibility in managing security contractors that specifically provide GSOC services for a current or past employer where you have a leadership role.
  • Availability to travel on short notice, and respond during an emergency.
  • Great organizational skills with an impeccable attention to detail, responsive to communications, familiar with collaboration tools (slack, gmail, etc).

The person we want to hire for this role will:

  • Start fast, and be able to move with urgency.
  • Be rigorous in risk assessment and analysis, then execute.
  • Develop trust with internal partners, and elevate influence as a trusted advisor.

To apply we will need:

  • Resume and LinkedIn profile.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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