Editorial Distribution Coordinator San Francisco

Support Stripe’s editorial program

Stripe partners with hundreds of thousands of the world’s most ambitious businesses — businesses that will shape the world of tomorrow. These businesses are the result of many different inputs. Perhaps the most important ingredient is “ideas.”

Stripe has a lean but mighty editorial team that’s dedicated to publishing these big ideas out into the world. These publications, and the ideas they highlight, range from tactical tips on scaling engineering organizations (see: Increment) to long-form non-fiction that inspires thinking on a broader, intellectual level (see: Stripe Press).

We’re looking for someone to help us scale our distribution and fulfillment processes—someone to make the experience of finding and getting our books and magazines to be as amazing as the experience of reading them.


  • Day-to-day distribution operations: Lots of logistics go into getting publications like Stripe Press and Increment into the hands of readers across the globe. You’ll be the machine that makes the magic. You’ll coordinate with our fulfillment house, manage incoming shipments, and help readers with their questions—how they can subscribe, if we send internationally, and how we find authors for our magazines and books, among so many other things.
  • Bulk distribution: Most of our distribution happens at scale, and around launch (e.g., when each quarterly issue of Increment goes out, or when a new Stripe Press book is published). You’ll be a direct line to our vendors that handle physical distribution, making sure the process goes smoothly and that we’re keeping track of each delivery.
  • Ad hoc distribution: People often need copies of books and magazines at random, and often immediately—for events, prospects, investors, etc. You’ll manage and track these day-to-day requests, and find ways to make our workflows even more efficient as we grow.
  • Inventory management: You’re responsible for knowing how much stock we have in the fulfillment warehouse, and making sure we have the right amount of stock on hand (this makes the ad hoc distribution much easier). This also means managing the bulk stock in the office—being there for big deliveries, making sure they’re kept in the right place, pinging the people who asked for them, coordinating pickup, etc.
  • Distribution strategy: You’ll help us think of new, fresh ideas to get our publications into the hands of people we know will love and benefit from them. You’ll coordinate with teams across the company to get our publications, and find ways to make our publications a natural extension of their user interactions.
  • Marketing: While this isn’t the crux of the role, it’s something we can do much more of around these projects—and we’d love your creativity and ideas around potential placements and how we can grow our physical distribution. (The role sits within marketing, so you’ll be surrounded by marketers, in addition to your editorial colleagues).

Skills & requirements

  • A genuine interest in the world of editorial and publishing and/or technology, and a desire to be a core part of our editorial team.
  • Impeccable organization skills.
  • Detail-oriented. The details really, really matter!
  • Basic Google Sheets (and Excel) knowledge. You’ll need to be very comfortable with spreadsheets, and familiar with pivot tables (though you won’t need extensive knowledge of complex formulas).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’ll be working with a handful of stakeholders—both Stripes and outside parties—so it’s important that your communications are effective and clear.
  • Ability to lift approximately 30 pounds, do manual tasks like organizing boxes of books and magazines and using a hand truck, and ability to work on your feet for several hours.

Nice to haves

  • Experience in distribution, logistics, or project coordination

To apply, please include your cover letter or short note about why you’d be a good fit, and your CV.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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