Dublin, London, Berlin, or Paris

Full time

User Operations

Technical Solutions Engineer

Deliver incredible experiences to Stripe users

Dublin, London, Berlin, or Paris

Full time

User Operations

Stripe’s infrastructure and suite of APIs powers hundreds of thousands of businesses—from startups to Fortune 500s—in almost every country around the world. From developers and product managers to founders and CFOs, a broad audience interacts with Stripe’s products and uses them to start, run, and scale their companies.

Stripe is beloved by developers for the simplicity of our APIs, the thoroughness of our documentation, and our focus on developer experience. The Technical Solutions Engineering (TSE) team is the glue that supports our developers and champions developer experience as central to the overall experience of our customers. TSE interacts directly with developers more than any other team at Stripe, so your role will have a significant impact on what Stripe is known for and values most. When we do our job well, developers all over the world are able to smoothly launch and grow their businesses on Stripe, whether they’re integrating payments for the first time or building complex payment systems

TSE understands the fundamentals of programming incredibly well and will eagerly jump into and familiarize themselves with others’ code. You will do a wide variety of things, including explaining technical concepts about Stripe’s services, building and debugging integrations with customers, and producing and improving guides that help customers solve particular problems and be successful with Stripe. You will interact with developers of all skill levels through a variety of mediums, enabling them to be successful when using Stripe. 

If you’re someone who enjoys working with all kinds of code, a fast researcher, a strong writer, and enthusiastic about helping others build mission-critical products with Stripe, we want to hear from you!

You Will:

  • Understand Stripe’s internal and public code bases, enabling you to answer question from other Stripe engineers as well as developers that use our products
  • Interact with users by email, Discord, GitHub, and face-to-face, helping them solve their thorniest Stripe integration challenges
  • Gain unique insights into how engineers building the newest or most interesting businesses make use of Stripe
  • Optimize our internal and external documentation for all of Stripe products, including Billing, Checkout, Terminal, and more
  • Take an analytical approach to tracking points of friction for users, and then work with other teams to make those parts of Stripe better

Early on, current team members will devote a large amount of time to teaching you and helping you get to a level of comfort and expertise with Stripe, its services, and how we interact with users. Later, we’d love for you to take on this role with newer members of the team, especially since teaching is a great way to learn and to reinforce what you know.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Have at least 5 years experience as Software Development, Software engineer or significant experience building web or mobile apps
  • Proficiency in writing runnable and clean code in multiple programming languages and enjoy learning new languages and technologies
  • Experience as educator or instructor or are an expert at talking about technical concepts, and would be comfortable explaining how Stripe works to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Can empathise with users of all experience levels and understand their questions to quickly grasp the real issues
  • Enjoy the puzzle of solving open-ended problems, both individually and as a member of the team
  • Love constantly learning and re-learning a changing technical product, even when you’re a little out of your depth
  • Fluency in French or German is a nice-to-have (not a must!) to support local markets within the region.

This work can very easily be done remotely, and we are very supportive of working arrangements that allow for family care and other needs to be met.

Please find our EU applicant personal information notice here

At Stripe, we're looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Stripe, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. Join us.