Remote in North America only

Full time

Software Engineer, SDK Developer Platforms

Remote in North America only

Full time

Stripe’s SDKs are critical to our customers. The vast majority of our customers integrate with Stripe using the SDKs. To them, the SDK’s API is the Stripe API. The SDKs need to enable our users to write robust, idiomatic code in their language of choice, and must scale to the demands of the hundreds of methods and resources inside the Stripe API.

Our SDKs are built using an in-house code generation framework that lets us quickly make and release updates. This framework supports generating libraries in seven different programming languages, and powers functionality throughout other developer-facing parts of Stripe as well, such as usage examples in our documentation and the snippet expansion feature in our VS Code plugin.

We have ambitious plans to improve our SDKs. Even as Stripe’s API expands, we want to make the integration experience simpler and assume even more of the burden from our users, providing a best-in-class, native experience for each language.

You will:

  • Work across seven different languages to support and improve all of our server-side SDKs (Ruby, Python, Javascript, Go, Java, PHP, C#)
  • Add new features to our code generation framework to help keep our SDKs easy to build
  • Improve the automation of our release processes
  • Help identify new languages or frameworks to support
  • Talk to users on GitHub to understand feature requests and resolve bugs
  • Be involved in Stripe’s API design process to give guidance on the shape of SDKs for product teams

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Has 3+ years of experience
  • Has worked on SDKs for any of the languages listed above, or has deep experience working with abstract representations of code - for example, in a compiler, codegen tool, or code-oriented developer tool.
  • Are comfortable working on (and learning) different programming languages, frameworks, and all related best practices

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