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Communication & Brand Design

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San Francisco

Full time

Communication & Brand Design

We believe there are too many barriers to doing business on the internet, and that opportunities are not equally distributed throughout the world. We also think building and growing a business online is a problem rooted in code, language, and design—not finance.

Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet and expand economic access globally. We’re designing tools and infrastructure to help our users start, run, and scale an online business from anywhere in the world. That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a diverse set of designers of many disciplines, skills, backgrounds, and specialties to join our small (but growing!) Design team in San Francisco.

Design at Stripe

The design team works across most projects at Stripe—from our brand voice and websites to events, web and digital products, and even printed publications. And since Stripe’s main audience is other people who build products, we agonize over and take pride in crafting user-friendly and user-focused experiences.

Our attention to delightful, user-friendly design naturally extends to how we communicate about our products on our website and in marketing materials. Designers focused on this discipline work on launch and product pages for new and existing products, as well as the design language across every page on

As our products and audience grow in number and size, we’d like to be more rigorous when designing so our users have an easier time learning and using new products. Strong but flexible design systems can help with that.

You would be a fit for the team if these things are true about you: You are able to coach designers and continue to improve/grow their careers. You understand data informed process and can work in a fast-paced environment with lots of cross-functional collaborations. You understand the importance of quality and craft and are committed to best in class technical implementation for the modern web. You understand the need for speed and efficiency but never accept low-quality execution as a cost. You have experience managing design systems that scale.

You will:

  • Manage visual designers and design engineers working on and be accountable for visual quality
  • Help shape the strategic vision and goals for the site design team
  • Partner closely with site engineering and product marketing teams to define goals and hold teams accountable for quality
  • Work with other design specialist and managers on team-wide initiatives, like recruiting and developing content standards
  • Help the team influence strategic decisions in their project areas
  • Mentor and coach team members to set concrete goals and develop their strengths
  • Provide regular, actionable performance feedback and reviews
  • Share learnings with the Design team and work with other design specialists to improve our visual design quality.

You may be fit for this role if you:

  • 2+ years management and leadership experience
  • 5+ years experience working as a Visual/UI Designer
  • Solid knowledge of the creative and web development process, including typical time and resources needed to produce work on time, at high quality, and to specification
  • Expert understanding of the formal elements of design, including typography, layout, balance, and proportion
  • Excellent organization and presentation skills to structure your presentations and documents in a way that can be easily understood and modified by others
  • Problem solver that requires very little guidance on projects; thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven ability to collaborate successfully with cross-­functional partners and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Passion for Stripe’s mission and dedication to a users-first mindset
  • Are a systems-thinker and are able to extrapolate and extend shared patterns and behaviors
  • Love working with other designers to help them learn and grow—and have them help you learn and grow
  • Are skilled in explaining your work, process, and decisions and crave feedback to help you produce your best work

You should include these in your application:

  • A link to your online portfolio
  • Your CV or LinkedIn profile
  • A few words about why Stripe is interesting to you

At Stripe, we're looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Stripe, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. Join us.