New York City or Seattle. Remote in North America only

Full time

Payments Product

Backend / API Engineer, Stripe Terminal

New York City or Seattle. Remote in North America only

Full time

Payments Product

We have Backend Engineering roles open across three teams on Stripe Terminal:

  1. 1) Payments Acceptance (Global Expansion)
  2. 2) Fleet Management
  3. 3) Foundation (Backend Infrastructure & Tools)


About Terminal: Stripe Terminal helps our users extend their online presence to the physical world. The Terminal team’s mission is to make it as easy for businesses to accept in-person payments as the Stripe API has done for online payments. With Terminal, businesses can unlock in-person payments use cases that are right for their business model—whether it’s creating a superb retail experience, extending their website to a pop-up store, or enabling a mobile point-of-sale at their next event. Terminal is used by some of Stripe’s largest, fastest growing, and innovative users.

About the Payments Acceptance team:  Backend engineers on the Terminal Global team will build out local payment method support for Stripe Terminal in international regions to continue Terminal’s global expansion. Some examples of those local payment methods include eftpos in Australia, Girocard in EMEA, and RuPay in India.

About the Fleet Management Team: The Fleet Management team builds software tools to enable large-scale fleet management by giving users the capabilities to acquire, customize, deploy, and manage thousands of readers (IoT devices) and its applications, as well as providing business insights associated with in-person payments. We’re working on an exciting host of new fleet management capabilities to scale Stripe’s Terminal business — and we’re looking for Backend/API engineers who can help build an emerging business.

About the Foundation Team: Terminal Foundation designs, builds, and maintains the services that the Terminal devices use to securely communicate with Stripe, and the tooling we use to safely manage the devices in the field. We’re infrastructure engineers who enjoy working close to the product, and we work with both product engineers and infrastructure teams across Stripe to help make Terminal a best-in-class product. You’ll play a critical role in enabling Terminal’s global growth by building highly performant distributed systems with an emphasis on resiliency, security, and scalability. You will also build the tooling and internal systems essential for other Terminal engineers to monitor, debug, and safely deploy our software to the ever-growing fleet of Terminal devices.

You will:

  • Participate in the product development process from helping scope projects to measuring their success and iterating based on user feedback
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment developing and executing against immediate and long term roadmaps and making effective tradeoffs considering business priorities, but always with the user experience in mind
  • Mentor engineers earlier in their technical careers to help them grow
  • On the Foundation Team: Design, build, and maintain the infrastructure that communicates with and manages terminal devices. Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack. Plan infrastructure improvements to support the growth and global expansion of Stripe Terminal. Build tooling and internal services for other Terminal engineering teams.
  • On the Fleet Team:  Architect, build, and maintain elegant, robust, and powerful APIs, services, and systems across Stripe’s engineering teams.

You may be fit for this role if you:

  • Have 2+ years of backend engineering experience
  • Understand how to build scalable, resilient, and observable distributed systems
  • Write high quality code in languages such as Java or Go
  • Can debug complex problems across the whole stack
  • Focus on the needs of our users, both internal and external

You should include these in your application:

  • A description of your work history in the form of a resume or LinkedIn profile

Nice to haves:

  • If you’ve published apps or worked on open source mobile projects in the past, please include a link and description

What’s it like to work at Stripe?

Stripe is helping the internet fulfill its potential as a platform for economic progress by building software tools that accelerate global economic access and technological development. Stripe makes it easy to start, run and scale an internet business from anywhere in the world.

Stripe is, at its heart, an engineering company. To provide a missing pillar of core internet infrastructure, we hire people with a broad set of technical skills (and from a wide variety of backgrounds) who are ready to take on some of the most challenging problems in the industry – from reliably handling 100M API requests per day, to building adaptive machine learning as a result of years of data science and infrastructure work, and enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to start a global internet business.

We look at Stripe as a constant work in progress and the same is true of our people; for all of us, we believe the best is yet to come. We’re here to support each other in our curiosity and creativity – which we pursue through thoughtful discussion and knowledge-sharing among a diverse set of peers and colleagues.

We encourage all engineers to transition teams once every year and a half and also take on short-term projects with other teams across Stripe. This enables engineers to learn how different parts of Stripe work while also establishing stronger ties and cross-pollination between groups.

We contribute to existing open-source projects and the people working on them, and we release several tools as open-source.

We want to work in a company of warm, inclusive people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. The kind of people who are committed to going out of their way to help other Stripes in the short-term and pushing them to improve over the long-term (by helping them to get better at what they do).

We’re a highly cross-functional organization and view that as part of the fun: we design our space to encourage as much collaboration as possible. We have long tables in the kitchen for a reason (to enable everyone to meet new people and learn from them). We also have a culture of transparency that we carry through to email communication, ensuring that Stripes all around the world have the information they need to make good local decisions.

In both our products and our people, we aim to reflect, represent and advocate for all of our users, globally. Our users transcend geography, culture and language; what we share, collectively, is a drive to create a fairer, more economically interconnected world.

At Stripe, we're looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Stripe, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. Join us.