Tech Talk:
Engineering that scales

Hello, Sydneysiders! You are joyfully invited to join us at this open community event.

How do you build an engineering organisation that can scale to billions in dollars of transactions? How do you create an engineering culture that is able to ship reliably, consistently, and with high quality, even as you scale your team and codebase? How do you ensure that you're still getting projects done quickly even as you grow?

Over the course of three years, we've built Stripe from scratch and scaled it to billions of dollars in transaction volume a year. Our CTO, Greg Brockman, will share learnings from Stripe's experiences building culture and engineering teams that scale.

Niki Scevak from Blackbird Ventures and Startmate will moderate and field questions from the audience. Come prepared with any questions you might have, as we'd love to talk about the topics you're most interested in learning about.

6:00pm Drinks & Food
6:30pm Stripe CTO Greg Brockman talks about how Stripe ships software
6:50pm-7:30pm Blackbird Ventures Partner Niki Scevak moderates a Q&A session

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