RubyKaigi Breakfast with Stripe

We're back in town and can't wait to spend time with the RubyKaigi again. Join us for breakfast on the morning of Day 2!

今回も RubyKaigi で皆さんとお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。2 日目の朝食に参加しませんか!

Come and join us at the Lagoon Cafe in the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel, right next door to RubyKaigi’s venue. We have 8 people from our Global Engineering and Japan teams excited to chat about all things Ruby or Stripe.

RubyKaigi 会場に隣接の福岡サンパレスホテル内にあるLagoon カフェにぜひお立ち寄りください!8 名のグローバルエンジニアリングチームまたは日本チームの社員と Ruby や Stripe について語りましょう!


Stripe is a technology platform that developers use to build internet businesses. Hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Stripe’s software tools to securely accept payments from anyone, anywhere, and build new kinds of companies like Grab, Deliveroo or Kickstarter. In Japan Stripe is used by companies as diverse as ANA, freee, Cookpad, Hatena, and SmartHR.

Stripe は開発者がオンラインビジネス構築のために利用する、テクノロジープラットフォームです。何十万社もの企業が、世界中からの支払いを安全に受け取るために Stripe のソフトウェアツールに依存しており、Grab や Deliveroo といった新しい企業を生み出しています。日本では ANA や freee、クックパッド、Hatena、SmartHR と多岐にわたる企業に利用されています。


Sorbet is the typechecker for Ruby that Stripe has been developing and deploying for almost a year now. Today it runs with every CI run, checking our entire Ruby codebase in mere seconds and finding real bugs.

Sorbet は Stripe がここ一年ほど開発・デプロイしている Ruby の typechecker です。今ではすべての CI run で実行され、Ruby コードベース全体を数秒でチェックし、バグを発見します。

Paul Tarjan

Sorbet Team

Paul is helping Stripe grow their use of Ruby from 150 engineers through their 1 million LOC line and beyond. Paul has had the pleasure of helping two companies scale their language as they grew. First at Facebook from 200 engineers to 15000 he worked on the HHVM compiler, led the open sourcing and adoption of it, and contributed to the Hack language development.

Jake Zimmerman

Sorbet Team

A self proclaimed "types enthusiast," Jake enjoys learning how type systems can help bring clarity and focus to large codebases. He works on the Sorbet core team at Stripe where he brings his experience with types and programming languages to help make engineers more productive every day.

Tyler Olson

Global Engineering

Tyler moved from Stripe's San Francisco office to Singapore to build out our local Global Engineering team. Tyler was previously at Box and Wagon.

Amy Nguyen

Global Engineering

Amy works in our Global Engineering team in Singapore. Before Stripe, she worked on incident management, observability, and distributed systems. Outside of work, Amy writes about the tech industry, loves baking, and reads too many self-improvement books.

Tetsuo Torigai


Global Engineering

Tetsuo is the first member of the Global Engineering team to work from the Tokyo office. Prior to Stripe, he worked at Amazon's Tokyo offices.

Daniel Heffernan


Japan Team

Daniel leads the Japan team at Stripe. He previously worked as an engineer at Cookpad, where he worked with with Rails daily. He is no longer an engineer but has averaged 1 pull request a week for 5 years at Stripe.

Max Scherr


Customer Engineering

Max works from the Tokyo office helping Japanese developers integrate Stripe and fixing issues in our product felt specially by our local users. He was previously an engineer at DeNA, and holds a PhD from the University of Tokyo.

Pieterjan Vandaele

Global Engineering

Pieterjan is a Product Manager in the Global Engineering team, responsible for Japan and more. Previously he worked for multiple FinTech startups in Tokyo.

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