Fireside Chat: Paul Bassat
& John Collison

An intimate conversation about the future of the internet

Please join us for this exclusive fireside chat, presented in partnership with Startup Victoria at the NAB Headquarters Building.

Legendary Australian entrepreneur and investor Paul Bassat will host Stripe co-founder and President John Collison for an intimate, open-ended conversation about the future of the Internet, what the world's next big breakout startups might look like, key lessons they've each learned in starting and scaling billion dollar businesses, and why sometimes the key to success is doing the unscalable thing for as long as possible.

If you've ever wondered how founders think and talk about their work when they're not on the record, and how they think about their roles and responsibilities amid startup chaos, this is your chance to listen in and ask some questions yourself!

Once you arrive at the building, we'll be in the Atrium. Once you walk through the doors, it'll be immediately on your left.

Note: The event is now fully booked, but you can add your name to the waitlist. We'll keep you posted if spots open up. If you're unable to attend, we'll be posting a video of the event on the Stripe blog, so stay tuned there.

Please join us for a party we're hosting after the keynote event, whether you attend the keynote or not! The soirée will be held at the Nixon Hotel, where you're welcome to join us for drinks and canapé, and meet Stripe team members from the US, UK and Australia.

About Stripe:

Stripe is the most complete, fastest improving, and fastest growing payments platform available today. Stripe provides a flexible set of APIs that instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments, from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Stripe now processes billions of dollars a year for thousands of businesses, from newly-launched startups to Fortune 500 companies. Stripe's mission is to increase the GDP of the Internet, and since Stripe powers so many new businesses, its user base is a snapshot of how quickly the Internet is changing; many users are in categories that barely existed five years ago. Web and mobile businesses using Stripe include HubSpot, Lyft, Salesforce, TaskRabbit, Shopify, Foursquare, Docusign, Heroku, MongoDB, SurveyMonkey, TED, The Guardian, Splunk, ZocDoc, BigCommerce, Rackspace, Squarespace, Optimizely, and many of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

The company has received $130 million in funding; investors include Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk.

About Startup Victoria:

Startup Victoria is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and building Victoria's startup ecosystem. Startups are hard, and they require resilience and determination. If they were easy, everyone would be starting one. Since there aren't that many of us crazy enough to take on this huge challenge, we need to band together.

Startup Victoria is all about helping you find the other people around you who are fighting the good fight as well. It's a place to celebrate your wins, commiserate over struggles and push each other further along the path to success.

We all need a support team to help us keep going when times are tough, and startup founders are no different. Startup Victoria is the place to find resources to guide you and people to inspire you on your Startup journey.

Paul Bassat


Paul is a co-founder and major shareholder in Square Peg Capital, which is an active investor in early stage and growth stage technology businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region. He is passionate about mentoring management teams that are focussed on building outstanding businesses. In 1997, Paul co-founded SEEK and served as CEO and then as Joint CEO from 1997-2011. SEEK is the world’s largest online employment business and in 13 years went from a start up to one of Australia’s top 100 companies with a market capitalisation of $2.5b. Paul started his career as a lawyer and practiced for 6 years working on a range of corporate transactions. Paul holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne.

John Collison


John Collison is president and co-founder of Stripe, the online payments company that is expanding Internet commerce by making it easy for businesses to start accepting payments from all over the world in minutes, with just a few lines of code. John and his brother Patrick Collison started Stripe in 2010 while John was studying physics at Harvard. Their goal was to make accepting payments online simpler and more inclusive, after learning firsthand how difficult it was. Today, the 131-person (and growing!) Stripe team powers thousands of online businesses around the world. Prior to Stripe, John co-founded Auctomatic, which was acquired by Live Current Media in March 2008. Originally from Limerick, Ireland, John lives in San Francisco, California, where Stripe is based.

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