CTF3 Kickoff: London

Want to meet and hack alongside other CTF3 participants IRL? Join us for a Stripe CTF3 kickoff event in London, and learn how to build fault-tolerant, performant software while playing around with a bunch of cool cutting-edge technologies.

Doors open 30 minutes before the flag capturing begins, so come early if you'd like a chance to meet people before diving in. We'll provide power, space, and cooling; bring your laptop (and a charger) so you can try your hand at the levels. A tasty dinner will also be provided.

This event is open to programmers of all skill levels and backgrounds. We mean it! CTF is primarily about hands-on learning, and there's no place better to learn than with other people around to interact with. Stripe engineers will be there as well, so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet you too.

Not based in London? There'll also be kickoffs in San Francisco and Boston. If you're not any of those cities, you can always join us in IRC.

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