A Conversation with Tyler Cowen

Patrick Collison will attempt to interview Tyler Cowen in the style of one of Tyler's Conversations with Tyler.

Tyler Cowen is one of the internet's greatest bloggers, best thinkers, and foremost contrarians. He's a professor of economics at George Mason University, director of the Mercatus Center (where he works alongside Robin Hanson, Bryan Caplan, Alex Tabarrok, among others), and frequent educator over on MRUniversity, an online education site he cofounded in 2012.

He received his PhD in economics from Harvard in 1987. He's written more than a dozen books, including The Great Stagnation, which was a New York Times bestseller. He was recently named in an Economist poll as one of the most influential economists of the last decade. Last year, Bloomberg BusinessWeek dubbed him “America’s Hottest Economist.” Foreign Policy magazine named him as one of its “Top 100 Global Thinkers” of 2011.

He's an expert on ethnic food.

At 15, he became the youngest-ever New Jersey state chess champion.

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