Ford chooses Stripe to power payments for an always-on relationship with customers

Henry Ford transformed industrial manufacturing over 100 years ago. Today, as his namesake company designs, manufactures, markets, and services a full line of connected, increasingly electrified vehicles, it also is evolving to focus on services and experiences, delivered through software.

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Ford is transforming from a traditional “build and sell” model to a new, always-on relationship with customers. Advancements in automotive technologies give Ford more options for improving the overall experience throughout the customer lifecycle, from how customers make an initial purchase to how they maximize their in-car experience. But enabling these new offerings, such as entertainment subscriptions or EV charging, requires Ford to create new ways for customers to purchase and pay for products and services from the company.

“What our customers are dreaming about right now, they want to be able to buy in a completely different way: online,” said Julien Jacquet, Chief Product Officer at Ford Credit, the company’s financing arm. “But it’s not just about the buying process; it’s also about the experience.”


Ford wanted a partner to help create an entirely new purchasing and ownership experience for customers and the company chose Stripe to deliver. Stripe’s reliability, intuitive design, and speed gave Ford the confidence that Stripe, as its premier payments platform, would deliver the best experience for its customers.

“We chose Stripe based on three criteria,” explained Jacquet. “Reliability, making sure the system is always on; user experience, for fast, efficient checkouts; and time-to-market, so as we come up with cool new use cases like subscriptions and others, we can move really fast.”

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