Stripe Sessions 2018

Stripe Sessions is our event series dedicated to helping our users get the most out of Stripe products, learn more about the payments industry, and hear from leaders at companies like Shopify and MINDBODY.

1 hr

Sessions Keynote

Hear about new product and feature announcements with Stripe co-founder and CEO Patrick Collison, COO Claire Hughes Johnson, and Head of Engineering David Singleton.

30 min

Building a global payments treasury network

Learn how Stripe is building a unified and resilient payments platform that powers a vast spectrum of functionality, including global coverage, cross-border transactions, multi-party marketplace payments, support for dozens of payment methods, mobile wallets, optimized conversions, and more.

30 min

Introducing Stripe Terminal

Stripe Terminal is a programmable point of sale built for online businesses looking to extend their presence into the physical world. Product managers Jonathan Wall and Devesh Senapati provide a deep dive into how Terminal works and what opportunities it unlocks for modern businesses.

25 min

Practical applications of ML: Lessons from scaling Stripe Radar

Preventing $4 billion in attempted fraud in 2017 alone, Stripe’s machine learning algorithms make decisions and help block sophisticated fraudsters based on billions of data points. Eeke de Milliano shares three important lessons for using machine learning to build products and practical ways to improve the customer experience.

20 min

Driving growth with price experimentation

Tara Seshan discusses how pricing strategies can be a powerful driver of growth - sometimes more than new customer acquisition. Pricing can change the way you communicate product value, build and nurture relationships with customers, and catalyse new revenue streams.

30 min

The Developer Coefficient: Why designing great developer experiences matters

Demand for engineering resources is surging throughout the economy, far outweighing the global supply. Hear how Stripe and Twilio help developers do more with fewer resources, and why that matters for every company.

25 min

Treating payments as a product

Hear from a panel of payment leaders at Shopify, Xero, and Remitly, as they share stories and best practices for optimising payments to reach new customers, unlocking fast growth in new markets, and increasing revenue.

30 min

Infra, primitives and people: the three pillars of scaling engineering organizations effectively

Hear from Raylene Yung, Head of Payments Engineering at Stripe, and other engineering leaders on the practical ways they’ve helped scale engineering teams to unblock product development, foster collaborative environments, ship new features to millions of users and build resilient systems to handle 100 million API requests a day.

30 min

Fireside chat with Peloton co-founder and CTO, Yony Feng, and Stripe co-founder and President, John Collison

In this fireside chat, hear from Peloton co-founder and CTO Yony Feng as he discusses how Peloton in just five years went from a Kickstarter campaign to transforming the fitness industry with more than one million users, 1,000 employees, and $400M in sales.

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