Monis switches to Stripe for 40% increase in acceptance rates

Monis is a financial services company that offers consumers in Brazil an easy way to save money using a subscription model where customers using their credit cards are automatically charged a savings amount each week. But when Monis saw its acceptance rates dip as low as 60%, it realized it needed to find a better payments infrastructure to succeed. Monis switched to Stripe and saw acceptance rates increase to nearly 99% while adding 25,000 new customers in the first year.

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Monis launched its financial services company to help people build savings to achieve their dreams of travel, big purchases, or other goals. Through subscriptions, Monis clients allocate a predesignated monthly amount to be saved by Monis on their behalf in an automated way. But soon after its launch, Monis saw its payments acceptance rates fall to as low as 60%.

“We want to rebuild the financial system in a way that helps people accomplish their dreams,” said André Vilar, founder and CEO of Monis. “But when low acceptance rates threatened to disrupt our momentum soon after launch, we had to make a quick change.”

Monis had to quickly find and deploy a new payments infrastructure that would drastically increase acceptance rates while enabling it to scale its nascent business quickly. The company evaluated more than two dozen payment providers before discovering Stripe had just launched in Brazil.


With Stripe, Monis found a solution for both challenges. Stripe’s clear, intuitive documentation gave the Monis engineering team the confidence to move forward quickly, and Stripe’s Dashboards provided real-time visibility into payments so Monis could better manage its fast-growing business. The company uses Stripe Payments for a complete payments platform it could quickly integrate and launch. To help improve acceptance rates, Monis also added Stripe Radar, which uses machine learning on data from millions of global companies to detect and block fraud.

“Our engineering team was very excited to be using Stripe because the documentation was so well-written and Stripe was so easy to set up,” added Vilar. “The whole experience with Stripe was just faster, easier, and more agile all around—even our contract with Stripe was transparent and easy to understand.”

Monis also relied on Stripe support to speed its payments transition, using guidance from Stripe to determine deployment milestones, onboard beta testers, and develop its product roadmap.


Monis used Stripe to drastically improve acceptance rates and refocus on helping its customers build their savings to achieve their dreams.

Achieved a 40-point increase in acceptance rates with Stripe

Stripe helped Monis quickly solve its critical acceptance rates issue by automatically detecting and blocking fraud while providing more insights to patterns, risks, and key metrics.

Vilar said, “Acceptance rates are what determine our ability to grow as a company. Before Stripe we would refuse 60% of the payments and with Stripe we’re at 99% acceptance rates. Stripe Radar makes it easy to understand those acceptance patterns and manage the risks.”

Added 25,000 new users in the product’s first year

With acceptance rates nearing 99%, Monis could refocus on growing its business to one of the fastest growing startups in Brazil. Stripe’s intuitive business Dashboards give teams across Monis the information needed to scale: Finance gets critical operational data, Risk has streamlined insights on fraud and disputes, and infrastructure teams have instant access to maintenance, engineering, and other data.

“To grow, we need to keep the customer experience super easy and hassle-free while also maintaining low transaction costs,” said Vilar. “Stripe gives us the best of both worlds by helping our customers save money at a lower price. As CEO, I have more control over our entire payments experience because I can just go into Stripe to check our metrics.”

<10% churn rate built on a better customer experience

Stripe helps Monis provide an easy, intuitive experience that customers love. Internally, Stripe provides the metrics and insights necessary for Monis to focus on the areas of its business that matter most to keeping those customers happy and growing its customer base.

Vilar said: “Our churn rate is less than 10% and Stripe is a huge part of that because it all comes back to the payment experience we provide. Stripe makes it so easy with its Dashboards and reporting because we can easily see how our company is doing on a daily basis and then make better decisions that will help us grow.”

We consider Stripe more than a partner; it’s our backbone. Together we created the most innovative financial experience that helps everyone achieve their goals effortlessly.

André Vilar, founder and CEO

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