Stripe on the Web

    Collect card details using JavaScript, without having sensitive data pass through your servers.

    To collect card details on the web, you can either integrate Stripe Checkout—a prebuilt, Stripe-hosted payment page—or use Stripe Elements to build your own custom integration.

    Stripe Checkout New

    Get started quickly. Integrate once, gain new features as Checkout evolves.
    A sample Stripe Checkout payment page with logo and total price
    • Redirect to a Stripe-hosted, PCI-compliant payment page
    • Customize the look and feel with logo, colors, and product images
    • Cards and Apple Pay out-of-the-box with more payment methods coming soon
    • Fulfill purchases with webhooks, third-party services, or manually in the Dashboard

    Stripe Elements

    Embeddable, customizable UI elements for cards and more.
    A sample Elements payment page
    • Embed PCI-compliant payment UI elements in your own checkout page
    • CSS-level style customizations
    • Manually integrate each payment method
    • Fulfillment flow depends on the payment API used with Elements


    The quickest way to build beautiful, conversion-optimized payment forms, hosted on Stripe. After including Checkout on your website, customers on mobile browsers automatically see a tailored experience.

    Stripe.js and Stripe Elements

    Stripe.js is our foundational JavaScript library for building payment flows. The primary integration path through Stripe.js is with Elements, which enables you to collect sensitive payment information using customizable UI elements. Stripe.js also provides a single interface for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Payment Request API.

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