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Test and monitor your integration

Test and monitor your integration

The Stripe CLI allows you to test and monitor your integration from the terminal.

After you have built your Stripe integration you can use the Stripe CLI to monitor the integration by using logs tailing to receive logs locally, and if you want to trigger specific behavior in your integration you can make API requests from your terminal by using our API commands.

Logs tailing

You can receive API request logs locally by using the logs tail command:

stripe logs tail
Ready! You're now waiting to receive API request logs (^C to quit)

Logs are created only when specific actions occur, so you might not see any logs until you make an API call or trigger an event directly.

Making API requests

You can make API requests directly through the Stripe CLI. Run stripe resources to see the complete list of resources available. To get more information for each resource use --help or review the API Reference.

For example, to create a PaymentIntent:

stripe payment_intents create --amount=100 --currency=usd

To make requests using a specific API version, pass the --stripe-version flag. For the complete list of API versions see the changelog.

stripe payment_intents create --amount=100 --currency=usd --stripe-version 2019-03-14

Making raw API requests

If you like to compose your own API requests you can make “raw” API requests using the get, post and delete commands:

For example, to create a PaymentIntent:

stripe post /v1/payment_intents \ -d amount=2000 \ -d currency=usd \ -d "payment_method_types[]=card"
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