Report options

Report options

Understand the settings and controls common across all financial reports.

This page describes the set of options available on each financial report. These include:

Date range

When loading the page, the reports default to displaying data for the prior month. You can select previous months, current month-to-date, or customize the date range to specific dates. Selected dates are inclusive. For example, if you choose a date range of , it includes data from the beginning of the day on (12:00am) through the end of the day on (11:59pm) in the selected time zone.

Time zone customization

You can view financial reports based on either your Stripe account’s time zone or Coordinated Universal time (UTC). This selection affects both how the date range setting filters the report, and how dates and times contained within the report are presented.

You can update your account’s time zone on the Account information page within settings in the Dashboard.

Data availability

Stripe computes all your data on a daily basis beginning at 12:00am UTC. The data for each day is defined as account activity that takes place between 12:00am UTC and 11:59pm UTC.

Financial reports tabProcessing time
BalanceWithin 12 hours
Payout reconciliationWithin 12 hours

For example, all account activity on (from 12:00am to 11:59pm UTC) is available in the Balance financial reports tab by at 12:00pm UTC.

Users who view reports in certain non-UTC timezones may experience an additional day delay. For example, the Balance report for Monday won’t become available until Wednesday morning when viewed in the America/Los_Angeles timezone (PST). This is because data is processed by UTC day, and the last few hours of Monday in PST correspond to Tuesday morning in UTC. As such, the report can’t be made available until Tuesday’s data has finished processing, which occurs by Wednesday at 12:00 pm UTC.


Financial reports are based on your account’s settlement currency, which is the currency Stripe uses to send payouts to your bank.

If your account has multiple settlement currencies, you can view reports for each currency separately using the currency selector.

Connect accounts

Express and Custom Connect platforms often need visibility into funds and transactions within their connected accounts in addition to their platform activity. When viewing a report as the platform account, you can toggle between viewing data:

  • For the platform account only
  • For all the platform’s Custom and Express connected accounts (summary reports sum the data across all connected accounts, while itemized reports include relevant rows for all connected accounts)
  • For a single connected account

To view reporting for a single connected account:

  1. Go to the Connect Accounts page and search for the account you want.
  2. Click on the account’s name to go to the account detail page.
  3. Click the View financial reports button at the top of the Activity section.

Connect platforms can’t view financial reports for Standard connected accounts. Unlike Express and Custom accounts, Standard accounts are controlled independently by the account holder, and can contain transactions that originate outside your platform. Standard accounts also have dashboard access, and can generate their own financial reports.

Email notifications

You can receive email notifications when new data is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can configure your subscription preferences separately for each report in the control panel alongside the report filters.