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    Generate reports of your Stripe account's financial information in the Dashboard.

    Understanding how funds flow in and out of your account is an important part of processing payments. Use the Dashboard to view information about the different types of account activity, which can be exported into a CSV-formatted report for use in spreadsheet apps.

    Monthly summary report

    This report includes all of your account activity—grouped by month—up to the most recent full day. Account activity includes charges, refunds, fees, and disputes, divided into the sections below. You can download it from your account’s Data settings.

    All amounts are expressed in the currency of the bank account that payouts are sent to. If you use separate bank accounts to receive payouts in different currencies, the report will include separate information for each payout currency.

    Monthly activity summary

    The first section of the monthly summary report provides a breakdown of your account balance, excluding payouts and payout failures:

    • Sales
    • Refunds
    • Disputes
    • Dispute Reversals
    • Other Adjustments
    • Net Activity

    If you’re using any of the following, you’ll also see separate lines for:

      Month 2019-12-01 2019-11-01
      Currency USD USD
    Sales Count 13 17
      Gross Amount 15.26 661.39
      Fees -3.97 -33
    Net Activity   11.29 628.39

    Declined, failed, or uncaptured charges are not included as they do not impact your Stripe balance.

    Reserve summary

    The Reserve summary section details funds held in reserve in order to mitigate risk. These funds are reserved and released on a rolling basis.

    If you are using Express or Custom Connect accounts, Stripe may hold a reserve on your platform account’s available balance to cover any negative available balances across your Connect accounts to ensure funds can be covered.

    The Reserve summary section is subdivided into several parts:

    • Start of Month Reserve Balance: the net sum of the reserved and released funds up to the start of the month.
    • Funds held in Reserve: the sum of all additional reserved funds during the month.
    • Released to Available Balance: the sum of all funds released from previous holds during the month.
    • Transferred to Cover Loss: the sum of all Connect collection transfers that occurred during the month due to negative balances held for over 180 days.
    • End of Month Reserve Balance: the net sum of the reserved and released funds held at the end of the month.

    Transfer summary

    This section details any transfer of funds out of your Stripe balance that have been created. If you’re using automatic payouts, they are grouped into months based on the date we expect the transfers to post to your account. If you’re using manual payouts, they are grouped together based on the date requested.

    If there were any failed transfers, this information is also included, along with the date that Stripe was notified of the failure.

    Balance summary

    The starting and ending balance in your Stripe account each month. This includes both the available and pending balance.

    Month 2019-12-01 2019-11-01
    Currency USD USD
    Start of Month Balance 623.29 2.52
    Net Activity 11.29 628.39
    Less Net Transfers -631.97 -7.62
    End of Month Balance 2.61 623.29

    Transfer reconciliation

    This section of the report is included for users who have automatic payouts enabled. If you’re using manual payouts, this section is not included.

    Use this information to reconcile deposits to your bank account with your account’s activity from each month. If you’re operating multiple Stripe accounts and receive payouts into the same bank account, you must reconcile each account separately.

    Payout reconciliation is subdivided into several parts.

    • Net Activity: from the monthly activity summary
    • Failed transfers (if any): from the transfers section
    • Less Activity Transferred in Month: the amount of this month’s activity transferred in this month
    • Less Activity Transferred in Later Months: the amount of this month’s activity transferred after the end of the month. This is typically nonzero because activity from the end of the month will be transferred at the beginning of the following month.
    • Untransferred Activity: The difference between the above two sections. This is typically nonzero for the current month because funds haven’t yet been paid out from the most recent days’ activity.
    Month 2019-12-01 2019-11-01
    Currency USD USD
    Net Activity 11.29 628.39
    Less Activity Transferred in Month -8.68 -5.1
    Less Activity Transferred in Later Months -623.29 -2.52
    Untransferred Activity 0 0

    If there have been other issues that led to payout delays, an additional line is included that totals the cumulative untransferred funds. You can use this information to determine how much has is yet to be transferred.

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