Our step-by-step guides take you through some different ways of integrating Stripe.

    We’ve grouped our recipes into the following areas:

    If you’re new to Stripe, you may want to start with the Switching Your Integration to Stripe recipe instead.

    Although the recipes below cover some specific business models, you may find they have practical knowledge that you can apply to your own Stripe integration.

    Accepting payments

    Collect your customers’ payment information easily and securely on the web using one of our recommended payments integrations. These recipes walk through how to further customize the payment process with additional features.

    Managing recurring payments

    Recurring and subscription-based billing is made easy with subscriptions.

    • Building a subscription signup form: Create a subscription signup form using the legacy version of Checkout, and use the Stripe API to complete the signup process.
    • Creating an installment plan: Implement an installment plan by using a subscription and a webhook to automatically limit the number of recurring invoices.

    Building a marketplace

    Whether you’re building an e-commerce platform or an on-demand app, you can use Connect to onboard your sellers and get them paid. Each recipe explains how to use Connect for a different type of business model.

    • Crowdfunding platform: Build a crowdfunding platform that collects payment information from campaign backers, performing the actual charge when the campaign achieves its funding goal.
    • Store builder: Set up your own e-commerce website platform so your users can create their own online stores.
    • On-demand app: Provide services to your customers using contractors, who are paid through your platform.
    • Building a Seller Dashboard: Learn how to create a dashboard for your Custom connected accounts.

    Account management and reporting

    Effectively manage your Stripe account, and build tools to analyze real-time activity.

    Managing notifications

    Your server can automatically receive notifications about events that happen in a Stripe account using webhooks.

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