Learn how to accept payments when using the Mirakl Connector.

    Accepting payments

    Stripe recommends implementing separate charges and transfers for marketplaces powered by Mirakl to allow multiple sellers to get paid with one transaction and according to the schedule set by the Operator within Mirakl.

    Here is the workflow for accepting payments:

    1. Create a Mirakl Order via OR01 as usual.

    2. Collect the customer’s payment method and create a payment.

    You can choose from Stripe’s large offering of payment methods: card payments, digital wallets, bank debits & transfers and local payment methods

    1. Update the Mirakl Order via PA01.

    We recommend that you set the Mirakl order.transaction_number attribute to the Stripe value.

    1. You or the connector create a Transfer for each Mirakl sub-Order.

    See below for more information regarding the built-in Transfers feature.

    Built-in Transfers

    By default, the connector doesn’t create the Transfers.
    To enable Transfers, set the ENABLES_AUTOMATIC_TRANSFER_CREATION option to true.

    1. The transfers job fetches newly created Mirakl Orders.
    1. For every new order, the connector creates a StripeTransfer record with status=TRANSFER_PENDING and a new ProcessTransfer message is added to the queuing system.
    1. ProcessTransfer messages are consumed. The connector attempts to create the Transfer on Stripe.

    The amount is calculated based on the Mirakl Order attributes: 100 * (order.total_price - order.total_commission).

    If order.transaction_number is set to the as recommended, the transfer.source_transaction is also set to that value.

    The miraklId (order ID) and miraklShopId are added to the Transfer metadata so you can track each money movement.

    1. The StripeTransfer record is updated to either a successful or failed status. Failed Transfers are attempted again three times.


    Once a day, the alerting job sends an email with all failed Transfers along with the reason.

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