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Configuring the Mirakl Connector

Learn how to configure the Stripe Mirakl Connector before installing it.

Stripe configuration

The onboarding flow requires a webhook endpoint and the whitelisting of the return URL.

Add the webhook endpoint:

  1. Go to your webhook settings.
  2. Add a webhook endpoint for Connect applications.
  3. Set the URL to <CONNECTOR_BASE_HOST>/api/public/webhook.
  4. Select account.updated in the Events to send.
  5. Record the signing secret. You will need it below.

Whitelist the return URL:

  1. Go to your connect settings
  2. Under Redirects, click Add URI.
  3. Set the URI to <CONNECTOR_BASE_HOST>/api/public/onboarding/create_mapping.

Mirakl configuration

The onboarding flow requires a Shop Custom Field:

  1. Log in to your Mirakl back office as an Operator.
  2. Visit Settings > Advanced Parameters > Shops.
  3. Go to the Custom Fields tab.
  4. Use the following values to create a new field:
Parameter Description
Code By default, we require the code to be set to stripe-url. You can change that value if you also update MIRAKL_CUSTOM_FIELD_CODE in your .env file.
Type Link
Shops permissions Read only
Required field No

Environment file

Update your settings in an environment file that will be used by the connector:

  1. Download the .env.dist file sample from our repository.

  2. Rename the file to .env and edit the variables documented below.

Parameter Description
APP_SECRET To be generated. Learn more on the Symfony documentation.
BASE_HOST The base host the connector will be publicly available on. Used to generate the redirect URL during the sellers onboarding. E.g.,
DATABASE_URL The connection URL to your database. Learn more on the Doctrine documentation. E.g., pgsql://symfony:symfony@db:5432/symfony?charset=UTF-8.
MESSENGER_TRANSPORT_DSN The transport used for the queuing system.
See the Symfony Messenger documentation for supported transports. E.g., amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/%2f/messages. Defaults to doctrine://default.
MAILER_DSN The entire Symfony Mailer configuration using a DSN-like URL format. Learn more on the Symfony documentation. E.g., smtp://user:pass@host:port/?timeout=60&encryption=ssl&auth_mode=login. Defaults to smtp://null (mailer disabled).
The email that will receive all technical alerts. E.g., Defaults to empty. Required if mailer is enabled per MAILER_DSN.
The email that will send all technical emails. Defaults to empty, required if mailer is configured. E.g,
STRIPE_CLIENT_ID Your Stripe Connect client_id. Available in your Connect settings.
STRIPE_CLIENT_SECRET Your Stripe API secret key available in your Developers section.
STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET Your Stripe webhook secret available in your Connect webhook settings.
Enable the automatic transfer creation for Mirakl Orders. See Mirakl Payments. Defaults to false.
Enable the automatic refund creation for Mirakl Refunds. See Mirakl Payments. Defaults to false.
To be generated so you can securely call the API endpoints exposed by the API. Set the X-AUTH-TOKEN header to this value.
The endpoint on your server set to receive notifications from the connector. Defaults to empty (notifications disabled).
Enable alerts via email if a URL is provided in OPERATOR_NOTIFICATION_URL and that URL is not available or responds with an error. Defaults to true.
Time between each alert via email. Use 0 to disable throttling. The maximum value depends on the notification worker maximum life, i.e., 3600 by default. Defaults to 10.
MIRAKL_HOST_NAME Host name of your Mirakl Instance. Will be used as base for all Mirakl API calls. E.g.,
MIRAKL_API_KEY The Mirakl Operator key. Can be generated as a Mirakl Operator in your API settings. We recommend creating a specific Operator for the connector.
Code of the custom field of type Link which will receive Stripe Express URLs. Defaults to stripe-url.
The connector redirects the seller to this URL after completing his account creation on Stripe. Defaults to $MIRAKL_HOST_NAME/mmp/shop/account/shop.

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