Microsoft Pay

Microsoft Pay

Allow customers to securely make payments using Microsoft Pay on the web, in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and via Microsoft Bot Framework bots.

You can use Microsoft Pay to request any credit or debit card stored in your customer’s Microsoft account. There are no additional fees to process Microsoft Pay payments, and the pricing is the same as other card transactions.

Microsoft Pay is fully compatible with Stripe’s products and features (e.g., subscriptions), allowing you to use it in place of a traditional payment form whenever possible. Use it to accept payments for physical or digital goods, donations, subscriptions, and more.

Accepting Microsoft Pay on the web

You can start accepting Microsoft Pay payments on the web using Stripe.js and Elements. Refer to the Payment Request Button documentation to learn how to add Microsoft Pay to your site.

Accepting Microsoft Pay in UWP apps and bots

Stripe users in the United States can also accept Microsoft Pay in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and bots built with the Microsoft Bot Framework. You’ll first need to register a seller account at the Microsoft Seller Center, and connect it to your Stripe account.

To learn more, check out the following Microsoft documentation: