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    Learn about how your users can add their card to digital wallets.

    Users can add Stripe Issuing cards to their Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay wallet with no additional backend configuration. To do this, they should open the Wallet, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay app on their phone and type the number as printed on their card.

    During this flow, for risk mitigation purposes, they’ll be required to enter a 6-digit code that Stripe will deliver to them via SMS or email. We’ll use the phone_number or email on the Cardholder associated with the card they’re trying to load to send this code.

    Authorizations made on a card via a digital wallet will be identifiable by their wallet_provider field.

    Add to wallet buttons

    Users can save their card to a wallet without entering their card number

    Stripe Issuing supports Push provisioning, a feature available to native iOS and Android apps where a user can add their card to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet in just a few taps without having to type (or even know) their card number. This involves fetching the card details from the Stripe API encrypted in a form that each platform expects. Integrating with these APIs involves changes to your API backend as well as your mobile app. This works with both physical and virtual cards, and is a great way to help your users add their cards to their wallets without needing to handle card numbers directly.

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