It's easy to get started accepting payments with Stripe, but even easier to let someone else do it for you. Below are some of our favorite sites that let you accept and manage payments using Stripe.


  • 3dcart offers everything you need to sell online. 24x7 phone support, PCI Certified and no transaction fees.
  • Big Cartel provides you with your own independent store to sell your stuff online.
  • Bigcommerce is the ecommerce software solution that gives you everything you need to sell online.
  • Celery lets makers easily take pre-orders for their products.
  • CoreCommerce is an easy to use e-commerce shopping cart, perfect for selling online.
  • helps your small business start its online sales success story with a powerful ecommerce store builder.
  • Ecwid lets you easily create a powerful online store and add it to your existing website, blog and Facebook page.
  • Estoreify is simplified, embeddable, white labeled ecommerce. Launch a full blown store in minutes!
  • FoxyCart is a flexible, secure and powerful e-commerce platform.
  • Giving Impact lets you create fully branded and integrated online fundraising solutions.
  • Goodsie is an ecommerce solution that allows anyone to make a branded storefront.
  • Helium lets you accept payments by credit card for anything you want to sell online.
  • Highwire is a complete multi-channel e-commerce solution.
  • LemonStand is the only eCommerce platform made for web developers.
  • Memberful makes it easy to sell memberships online and charge for content.
  • NuggetWeb is an e-commerce website provider for small and home-based businesses.
  • MoonClerk lets you build a custom checkout experience for one-time and recurring payments.
  • SendOwl is an ecommerce platform for selling digital goods, software and subscriptions.
  • Shopify lets you easily build and run an online store.
  • ShopLocket lets you sell things from your blog, from Twitter, or anywhere.
  • Space Box makes setting up payment forms super fast.
  • Spiffy Stores includes all the features you need to easily create an e-commerce store.
  • Squarespace is an all-in-one platform for easily creating websites, blogs, galleries, and stores.
  • Talentlms makes it easy to train online your people, partners and customers.
  • UltraCart is a complete e-commerce platform.
  • Volusion is the leading ecommerce solution designed for the needs of small to medium-sized business owners.
  • Weebly gives everyone a surprisingly easy way to create a unique site, blog or online store.
  • X-Cart offers a downloadable PHP eCommerce platform: PCI compliant, mobile-ready & fully customizable.

Invoicing & accounting

  • AccountingSuite speeds "service-to-cash" cycles with recurring billing, project accounting and real-time collections.
  • Ballpark is an online time tracking and invoicing software program.
  • Blinksale lets you use your Stripe account to accept credit card payments through your Blinksale invoices.
  • ChargeBee is an easy to use recurring billing and invoicing solution for online businesses.
  • Cheqbook saves you time so you can grow your business with smarter accounting, invoicing, and billing.
  • CurdBee offers sweet and simple billing with integrated time and expense tracking.
  • Expensify captures your expenses and transforms them into beautiful branded invoices.
  • FreeAgent offers accounting and invoicing designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers.
  • FreelanceSuite is a clean and simple application for client, project, and billing management.
  • FreshBooks enables you to invoice clients, track time & run your small business in the cloud.
  • GoDaddy enables you to simplify your invoicing and bookkeeping.
  • Harvest offers simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software.
  • KashFlow is simple, effective, small business accounting software that removes the hassle of doing books.
  • Pancake is a self hosted time tracking and invoicing tool.
  • Paydirt offers smart time tracking, easier invoicing, and online payments.
  • Quaderno is an ultra simple invoicing software to send beautiful invoices.
  • QuickFile is a free online accounting service dedicated for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Ronin allows you to track time, invoices, estimates, payments and clients.
  • Wave builds invoicing tools that make it easy to bill your clients and get paid.
  • Xero lets you see your cashflow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing & billing.
  • Zoho brings easy invoice software to small businesses and freelancers.


  • 123ContactForm enables you to build any type of HTML web form.
  • Bizodo lets you build great forms.
  • Formstack lets you embed a payment form in your site.
  • JotForm helps you create & publish online forms without writing a single line of code.
  • Sign Up Forms lets you build and manage registration forms.
  • Space Box makes accepting payments quick and easy.
  • Wufoo is a web application that lets you build online forms.


  • Ace Insights helps you segment and notate your financial data in Stripe.
  • Baremetrics gives you one-click access to dozens of metrics for your Stripe account.
  • Datahero lets you easily access, analyze and visualize your Stripe data.
  • HookFeed delivers customizable alerts and daily/weekly analytics to your team.
  • LineLytics offers live, up-to-date, reporting on your Stripe account.
  • Preact presents actionable user behavior insights directly within leading CRMs.
  • Putler is a unique sales and analytics app that provides an x-ray of your business.
  • SumAll connects all of your services to see a complete view of your business.
  • Visible makes it easy to update your investors with your company metrics.

Recurring payments

  • ChargeBee delivers easy to manage recurring billing with complete customization features.
  • Chargify lets you easily manage your recurring revenue business.
  • Memberful enables you to start selling monthly or yearly memberships in minutes.
  • MoonClerk lets you easily set up recurring payments with no coding required.
  • Recurly offers smart, easy to manage recurring billing that cuts credit card declines up to 27%.
  • Space Box helps you charge customers on a recurring basis for access to your content.

Dunning & notifications

  • Chrrp alerts you on your iOS device when a customer signs up or makes a payment.
  • Email Hooks makes it simple to send templated emails with dynamic variables triggered by Stripe events.
  • HookFeed will email you about important Stripe events like canceled subscriptions and failed payments.
  • Instant Dunning lets you email all of your delinquent customers and request that they update their billing information.
  • sendwithus send payment receipts, trial expiration alerts, and dunning emails in 5 minutes.
  • Slack brings all your communication together in one place.
  • Stunning makes sure that billing information is always current, which helps to prevent churn.

Booking & ticketing

  • Bookeo is a commission free scheduling and reservation system for appointments, classes, tours & activities.
  • Checkfront helps you collect and manage information from your customers for upcoming events.
  • ePly an event registration system that helps events succeed and makes event planners look good.
  • Eventbee is an innovative online ticketing system with a $1 flat fee per ticket pricing model.
  • Picatic helps people run successful events at a cost determined by you.
  • Rezdy is a commission free booking platform for tour and activity operators.
  • Rhino Reg is a user friendly and cost effective event registration software.
  • Schedulicity makes it easy to schedule appointments online with your customers.
  • Schedulista is the easiest way to accept and schedule appointments online.
  • Ticketbud offers a self-service event management and registration service.
  • TicketSpice allows you to sell tickets and create barcode tickets for your event.
  • Tito builds simple and powerful event software.
  • Tripleseat is the event nanagement solution for restaurants, banquet facilities, and catering operations.


  • improves your organisation's fundraising, donation, event and campaign performance.
  • Kindful is a one stop shop for all things online fundraising.
  • Karma411 provides online social fundraising solutions for nonprofits.
  • Razoo helps you raise money online for your nonprofit or charity.

Mobile & card readers

  • Big Cartel Checkout enables you to process credit card payments and send receipts right from your iOS device.
  • CardFlight provides encrypted card readers and mobile SDKs so you can accept swiped payments in your iOS or Android app with Stripe.
  • Chrrp alerts you via your moble app when a customer signs up or makes a payment.
  • Dinamikos Technology lets you connect Verifone point-of-sale terminals to your Stripe account.
  • Innerfence makes it easy to accept face-to-face payments with your Stripe account.
  • PayApp enables merchants to accept payments on their mobile smartphones with your Stripe account for free.
  • Pay Pad lets you to accept mobile payments via an intuitive camera and card-reader, and helps manage your Stripe account from iOS.
  • TicketingHub is an online and offline ticketing platform with an app store and mPOS solution for attractions and tours.

Inventory management

  • AccountingSuite lets you "track your stuff" across multiple warehouses, locations, projects, and product lines.
  • Stitch helps you manage inventory across multiple sales channels.

Referral marketing

  • Ambassador enables companies to easily track & manage referral, partner and affiliate programs.
  • Referral SaaSquatch lets you quickly launch a powerful customer referral program for your subscription service.


  • Kabbage offers fast and flexible funding up to $50K, in less than 7 minutes.


  • ShipRobot lets you create and print shipping labels for all your orders with one solution.

Electronic Signature

  • RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents filled out and signed online.


  • Kindful is a delightful CRM that makes building relationships fun again.

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