Dashboard home

Get a quick overview of your Stripe account activity.

Home provides useful at-a-glance information about the activity on your account. A wide range of real-time charts provide insight into the performance of your business. Home may also show notices with critical action items at the very top.

Dashboard Home

Insights about your business


Today provides a snapshot of key metrics. You can quickly view today’s total volume, payments, and new customers. Also, you can see your current account balance and expected payout.

Reports Summaries

Reports Summaries is a hub to see how your business is doing over time — net volume, average revenue per customer, disputes, high risk payments, and more. You can customize which charts are included based on what is most important to you — click “Customize” in the top right corner to select or reorder the charts on Home.


You can easily compare business performance across two different periods of time. The date controls allow you to select precise time intervals for comparison — previous period, month, quarter, year, or choose a custom range.

Key actions

See notices with critical action items at the very top of Home, including payments for review, disputes to resolve, and items that are past due.

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