Stripe Corporate Card FAQs

Get answers to common questions about the Stripe Corporate Card.

Where can I use the Stripe Corporate Card?

You can use the Stripe Corporate Card anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards.

Who issues the Stripe Corporate Card?

Celtic Bank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank (Member FDIC) issues the Stripe Corporate Card.

Does applying for the Stripe Corporate Card affect my personal credit rating?

No. Your personal credit rating isn’t affected by applying for the Stripe Corporate Card, regardless of the outcome of your application.

Am I personally liable for purchases made on the card?

No. Only your business is liable for purchases made on the Stripe Corporate Card.

How can I qualify for the Stripe Corporate Card?

Eligibility is based on a combination of factors, including your payment volume, your history on Stripe, and your bank account history. After requesting an invitation to the beta, US businesses will receive an email invitation to apply for a Stripe Corporate Card.

How is my company’s credit limit determined?

Your Stripe payment volume and bank account history determine your company’s credit limit. As your business grows, your credit line can grow as well.

Can I sign up for the Stripe Corporate Card even if I don’t use Stripe for payments?

Yes! We’ll just need to collect some information from you and your business. Head here to request an invitation.

What is the pricing for the Stripe Corporate Card?

The Stripe Corporate Card is free to use. There is no periodic interest, because you pay your statement balance in full each month, and there are no other fees of any kind associated with using the Stripe Corporate Card (e.g., no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees, no late payment fees, and no additional card or card replacement fees).

What are the rewards on the Stripe Corporate Card?

You’ll earn unlimited 2% cash back on your top two spending categories in any given statement cycle. On everything else, you’ll earn unlimited 1% cash back. Plus, you’ll get $50K of free processing on Stripe after your first $5K of spend on the Stripe Corporate Card. We have additional cash back and other offers with a number of partners. We’ll automatically apply your cash back in the form of a credit on your monthly statement, ensuring that your cash back rewards never go to waste. For additional details, see the Stripe Rewards Program Agreement.

What categories can I earn 2% cash back on?

You can earn unlimited 2% cash back on your top two categories of spend, whatever they may be. Frequent top categories from our beta users include software, airlines, hotels, restaurants, ground transportation, and more! We determine the category of a particular purchase by the category code assigned to the merchant by its bank or processor. Similar category codes are grouped together to ensure that you get 2% where it matters most. For example, eating places, fast food restaurants, bakeries, and drinking places are all grouped into a single “Restaurants” category. For additional details, see category groupings and the Stripe Rewards Program Agreement.

How can I redeem my cash back rewards?

You’ll earn 1% cash back for all spend, which immediately appears in your Pending Rewards balance. Your pending rewards balance moves to your Available Rewards balance when your billing cycle closes.

You’ll earn 2% cash back for your top two categories of spend and any bonus cash back earned on eligible purchases with our partners (e.g., Digital Ocean and Notion) in your Available Rewards balance after your billing cycle closes.

We’ll automatically apply your Available Rewards balance as a credit on your statement each month.

How do I earn $50K in free payment processing?

After you spend your first $5K on the Stripe Corporate Card and pay your statement balance for those purchases, we will waive the fees for future card payment processing associated with your Stripe account (or, for Interchange-Plus pricing users, issue a statement credit) for up to $50K in card transactions processed through Stripe within your first year after accepting the Payment Processing Bonus. This fee waiver (or statement credit, as applicable) will only be available to you for one year from the date that you accept the Payment Processing Bonus in the Stripe Dashboard. If you process less than $50K in card payments through Stripe within the one-year period, your Payment Processing Bonus will not carry over. Additionally, the fee waiver/statement credit only applies to network fees for card processing. The fee waiver/statement credit does not apply to disputes, reversals, or fines assessed to your Stripe account, or fees for non-card processing. Please contact us at with questions.

Can I use my Stripe Corporate Card with Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes! You can use your Stripe Corporate Card to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay using the card details in your Dashboard.

Can I carry a balance on the Stripe Corporate Card?

No, you must pay off your statement balance in full each month.

How do I pay my bill?

Within seven days after we deliver your statement, we will automatically debit your bank account for the full statement balance owed across all of your Stripe Corporate Cards. You can update your bank account in your settings at anytime.

What is the billing cycle on Stripe Corporate Card?

The Stripe Corporate Card supports monthly billing cycles from the 1st through the 28th of each month. For example, if you sign up on September 15th, your first billing cycle will end on October 15th. If you sign up on September 30th, your first billing cycle will end on October 28th.

What spend controls do I have access to?

You can allow or block specific merchant categories and set overall and card-specific spending limits as well as spending limits per authorization, day, week, month, or year. You can also set spending limits for specific merchant categories.

How does Stripe help with receipt tracking?

From your settings, you can set the threshold dollar amount that your company requires receipts for (by default, it’s set to 75 USD). We’ll then send text messages to any cardholders who have a transaction over that amount, reminding them to submit their receipts. Cardholders can attach receipts to transactions in one of three ways, and we’ll automatically reconcile receipts to the correct transaction:

  • Upload using the Stripe Dashboard
  • Reply to one of our reminder texts with a photo
  • Forward an email receipt to from the email associated with your Stripe account

What accounting and expensing integrations does the Stripe Corporate Card have?

The Stripe Corporate Card has integrations with Expensify and Quickbooks Online and ready-made exports to Quickbooks Desktop. Integrations with Xero and Bench are coming soon.

Am I protected from fraudulent transactions?

Your business is protected from responsibility for fraudulent transactions with the Stripe Corporate Card. At anytime, your cardholders can report a card as lost or stolen in the Stripe Dashboard and dispute any fraudulent transactions that have posted. Any cards reported as lost or stolen will be frozen immediately, and after the dispute process is complete, your account will be credited for any disputed transactions determined to be fraudulent.

What’s the difference between Stripe Issuing and Stripe Corporate Card?

Stripe Corporate Card enables your company to receive corporate credit cards to pay for business expenses. Your business can instantly provision cards, manage your company’s spending in real-time and get cash back on your purchases.

Stripe Issuing is the underlying infrastructure upon which businesses can issue and manage their own payment cards. Issuing can support a variety of commercial use cases.

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