Corporate Card
Understanding the dashboard

Understanding the dashboard and administrative controls

Learn how to set spending limits and pay your Stripe Corporate Card balance.

Controlling spending limits and alerts

Only Stripe Corporate Card administrators can set spending limits and blocked categories of transactions for cards and cardholders on their account.

Setting a spending limit on a card

  • When you set up a new Stripe Corporate Card, you will be asked to set a monthly spending limit on that card.
  • Administrators can update card spending limits at any time. Simply navigate to the Cards section of the Stripe Corporate Card dashboard, click edit to the right of Spending Limits and select the amount and time period you’d like to set the spending limit for.

Setting blocked categories of transactions

  • Administrators can block purchases from certain categories of merchant on a particular Stripe Corporate Card.
  • If you’d like to block certain Stripe Corporate Cards from being used for a given merchant category, navigate to the Cards section of the Stripe Corporate Card dashboard.
    • Click add to the right of Blocked categories and select the category of transaction you’d like to block.
    • Select Block to block the card from being used for transactions in this category. You can continue to add as many blocked categories of transactions as you’d like.
  • You can’t set blocked categories for virtual vendor cards. Vendor cards are tied to a specific vendor, so all other categories of spend are blocked by design.

Turning off SMS notifications

  • You can control your SMS notifications for Stripe Corporate Card transactions from the notification settings within the dashboard. Scroll down to Stripe Corporate Card purchases and select Never.
  • Stripe Corporate Card does not offer email notifications at this time.

Paying your balance

  • Within seven days after we deliver your statement, Stripe will automatically debit your designated bank account for the full statement balance owed across all of your Stripe Corporate Cards. You can update your bank account information in your Stripe Corporate Card settings at any time.
  • You may need to whitelist Stripe with your bank to allow ACH payments for the automatic debit. If this is the case, the ID you should provide your bank is: 7270465600.

Setting your payment schedule

The default payment schedule for Stripe Corporate Card is monthly. If you’d like to switch to a weekly or daily (weekday) payment schedule, you can update your payment schedule directly from the Dashboard:

  1. From the Stripe Corporate Card dashboard, click on the Edit button on the top right of the Card display panel.
  2. Select the payment schedule of your choice under Add Additional Payments.
  3. Click Done to confirm.

You can pay your bill at any time by selecting the Pay Now option from the Stripe Corporate Card dashboard