Stripe Atlas application process

    Learn about the Stripe Atlas application process: the steps involved and the information you'll need to provide. If you have any questions about the process after reading this, contact us at

    Once you begin your Stripe Atlas application, you'll need to provide us with information about your product, your team, and how you'd like to set up your new company. Read on to preview the steps you'll take, the information you'll provide, and to learn more about the application fee.

    What you’ll do

    Through the application, you’ll provide us with the initial information we need to make sure we can support your business. You’ll also upload any required files.

    You can view, edit, and save your application as often as you like, until you’re ready to submit it. (If you find a typographic error after submitting your application, just email us to correct it.)

    Upon submission, we’ll review your information to make sure we can support your business. We’ll contact you if we have any additional questions or need more information.

    If we can support your business, we’ll share formation documents, and bank-account opening documents (if you’ve asked to open an account), for you to sign. If we can’t support your business, we’ll send an email to let you know why.

    While we’re working on your application, you can begin building your Stripe integration, using test data!

    Information you’ll need to provide

    The information we request is required to:

    • Generate the necessary documents to incorporate your company
    • Open your bank account (if you choose to do so as part of Stripe Atlas)
    • Set up your Stripe account
    • Confirm that we can support your business

    The Stripe Atlas Agreement and the Stripe Privacy Policy give more detail about the information we collect and how we use that information. Contact us at if you have any questions along the way.

    Your business and its products or services

    To help you open your Stripe account (and, optionally, a business bank account), we typically need to review your website to view the products or services you’re selling, how much you charge, how customers can contact you, your terms of service, and more. If your website is still a work in progress, we’ll ask for screenshots, wireframes, or a detailed description that outlines where you’re headed.

    We’ll also ask about the company itself: its founders, investors, and other relevant history.

    The company to be created

    Using Stripe Atlas, you will create a Delaware company. You’ll need to choose the appropriate options and then provide:

    • The new company’s proposed name
    • A physical business address (not necessarily in the U.S.)
    • A contact phone number
    • The number of shares of stock, or the number of units of ownership, to be authorized

    The name of the company being created must be available (i.e., not already registered) in Delaware. You can confirm the availability of a name at the Delaware Division of Corporations website.


    Options for structuring your company’s ownership depend on whether you are forming a C Corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

    If you choose to incorporate as a C Corporation, this can be either a new company—owned by individuals and investors—or a Delaware subsidiary of an existing company (even if that company is not located in the U.S.).

    If you are creating the new company as a subsidiary of an existing company, you’ll need to provide the parent company’s name, type (e.g., corporation), tax ID number, and a copy of the company’s government-issued registration document (as a PDF, PNG, or JPG).

    The choice of a standalone or subsidiary corporation—and the number of shares you authorize for your company—can affect the amount of Delaware Franchise Tax your C Corporation owes, while also affecting your future tax and compliance obligations.

    To help with these decisions, Stripe Atlas provides users with access to tax and legal guides. We strongly recommend asking your own legal counsel or tax advisors for their advice as well.

    Many C corporations that incorporated with Stripe Atlas (with 10,000,000 authorized shares) end up owing the minimum Delaware Franchise Tax amount due ($400 annually as of tax year 2018) under the Assumed Par Value calculation method.

    If you choose to form an LLC, you will establish a new company—owned by one individual, or by a group of individuals. Stripe Atlas supports LLC formation only as a new standalone company. Note that if you believe it is the right alternative for your company, we can help you form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Delaware. An LLC is not typically chosen by founders who intend to raise outside funding. Stripe Atlas does not support LLCs for non-U.S. founders.

    All Delaware LLCs pay a flat Delaware annual LLC tax.

    Stripe Atlas provides legal guides that include more information about LLCs. We strongly recommend asking your own legal counsel or tax advisors for their advice as well.

    Your team

    You’ll need to tell us about yourself, anyone else who will own more than 25% of the company, and anyone else filling the primary company roles.

    You’ll need to provide each representative’s:

    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Legal name
    • Date of birth
    • Personal, physical address
    • Percent of expected company ownership
    • Government-issued identification document

    You’ll need to upload color scans of identification documents in PNG or JPG format.

    Application fee

    Stripe Atlas has a one-time $500 (USD) fee for all successful applications. We’ll take your payment details with your application submission, but will not charge you until your company is fully established.

    Live Stripe account

    Upon completing the Stripe Atlas application, you’ll have a new U.S. Stripe account that you can use for test transactions. This allows you to start working on your integration while your account progresses.

    Once you create your business bank account (whether using Stripe Atlas or on your own), you can start processing live payments.

    Next steps

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