Accepting donations through Stripe

Perform a complete Stripe integration to begin accepting donations today.

If you run a charitable organization, you can use Stripe to quickly begin accepting online donations. For example, a US-based, affordable housing charity could use this process to accept one-time donations via credit and debit cards.

This guide walks you through every step to implement a card-based donation integration. By completing this guide, you’ll have everything you need to set up, test, and take your integration live:

  • Installation of the Stripe library
  • Collection of donor information
  • Secure processing of donations
  • Custom email receipts

The process has eight steps:

  1. Install and test the Stripe library
  2. Create the donation pages
  3. Request a PaymentIntent object
  4. Complete the payment
  5. Test the integration
  6. Customize the email receipt
  7. Set up webhooks (optional)
  8. Go live

Separately, you’ll want to do two things to make this integration yours: apply the HTML and CSS for your website, and, connect it to your database.