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Stripe Status

Amber Feng on February 3, 2012

We’ve known for a while that Stripe should have a status page. After joining Stripe a few weeks ago, I decided to fix this. The page is now live at

Screenshot of the Stripe Status page

The vast majority of the time, everything is working happily, and a status page that simply shows an almost constant green light isn’t very useful. However, historical performance is also critical, especially for infrastructure that powers your payments.

Taking inspiration from things like the Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine status pages, we decided to make historical availability a central focus of the page.

We built color-coded charts that show 90-day availability in Stripe’s three core services: the site, the API, and Stripe.js. We also show the raw uptime figures, calculated over the same three-month period. To calculate the figures, we use Pingdom to monitor each service, effectively performing a complete API request in the case of the API.

The page is hosted entirely separately from Stripe’s primary infrastructure to ensure that is available even if the rest of Stripe isn’t. And in the spirit of making what you measure, we’ll likely add performance data and error rates.

Check out the result! If you use Stripe, you may also want to follow the @StripeStatus Twitter account, which we update when we’re having problems.