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Starting a company can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. We built Stripe Atlas to make this easy: a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere.

  • Trusted foundation

    Stripe Atlas takes the guesswork out of getting started. Set up with standard defaults used by thousands and the leading bank for startups.

  • Fast and easy

    Your incorporated company and new bank account will be ready within days. Keep track of everything in one place.

  • Knowledgeable community

    Connect with other founders and learn from experts. Join an exclusive forum for Stripe Atlas entrepreneurs.

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Startup toolkit

Everything you need to start an internet business. Fill out a simple form and we help handle the rest.

  • Company incorporation

    Stripe Atlas incorporates your new company in Delaware—the industry standard for tech companies. We’ll generate the documents, file the paperwork, and obtain your Tax ID number. Your company will generally be open within a couple days. This includes:

    • C Corporation incorporated in Delaware
    • Registered agent, renewed annually
    • Signed Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Consent
    • IRS Employer Identification Number
    • Free templates for common startup post-incorporation legal needs
  • Bank account and debit card

    Stripe Atlas includes opening a bank account—complete with a debit card—with Silicon Valley Bank, the world’s leading bank for tech companies. You’ll be able to login to your account after e-signing documents; there’s no need to visit a branch in person or to fax paperwork. See more details

  • Stripe account

    We set up a Stripe account that you can use to start accepting payments from customers in 100+ currencies right away. You can take advantage of the complete Stripe product suite, including Connect, Subscriptions, and Radar.

  • Issue stock to founders

    Generate and sign documents to issue stock to the founding team, with templates from Orrick and standard legal terms used by many top startups—for free!

  • Special offers on startup services

    Stripe Atlas users receive up to $5,000 of free credits from Amazon Web Services, a free conversation with a lawyer and an accountant, and flat-rate packages for additional legal and tax advice.

Run your business

The paperwork for starting a business doesn’t stop with incorporation. Stripe Atlas helps you handle ongoing obligations to run your company.

  • Corporate income taxes

    Find trusted accountants right from the Dashboard to help file taxes. (Atlas users receive exclusive discounts.)

  • File Delaware franchise taxes

    Pay your Delaware franchise tax in a few clicks from the Stripe dashboard.

  • Registered agent renewal

    Renew your company’s registered agent in Delaware automatically.

Atlas could let start-up founders sidestep some of the bureaucratic hurdles that often hamper building a new business.
We’re delighted to be working with Stripe to make it easier for our international founders to spend more time working on their startup and less time on paperwork.
Atlas makes it easy to start your company the right way. We counsel high growth companies in 35 countries and are excited to share our startup templates and knowledge with Atlas users.
Navigating accounting and tax matters is critical to the health of any new company. PwC and Atlas offer guidance on these topics to Atlas entrepreneurs to help them succeed.

Trusted by entrepreneurs everywhere

From San Francisco to Sri Lanka, thousands of entrepreneurs in 120 countries have used Stripe Atlas to get their businesses off the ground.

Led by Madhuban Kumar, Metafused’s mission is to make data meaningful. Their product applies artificial intelligence to let users know what customers and prospects are going to do next.

Zach Holman, one of the first engineers at GitHub, is building During, a calendar that helps you plan and collaborate on everything that needs doing.

Iris is your modern day emergency alert for mobile, founded by Cat Noone in NYC. Iris provides hospital detection, a digital health card and rapid alerts to your loved ones in the critical moment when you need it most.

Started in Ghana, Tress is a social community for black women to discover and share hairstyle inspiration, information and tips. Founders Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde, and Cassandra Sarfo participated in Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 batch.

Pasilobus builds apps and e-commerce solutions for clients on Shopify. The company is headquartered in St Louis and has employees around the world.

Zumrod is an e-commerce platform that supplies health and beauty products to women in the Arab World. Co-founder Said Hassan also leads Gaza Sky Geeks, the first startup accelerator in the Gaza Strip.

Get help from experts

Stripe Atlas connects you with attorneys and accountants who specialize in helping startups, and offer discounts to Atlas users.

  • Legal

    As a Stripe Atlas member, you’ll have access to a free conversation with a lawyer in the Stripe Atlas network, free templates designed just for startups, and flat-rate legal packages (including $349 to have a lawyer customize stock agreements).

  • Tax & accounting

    Chat for free with an accounting expert in the Stripe Atlas network. Atlas also offers flat-rate tax preparation packages from leading accounting firms like PwC, starting at $1,000 for all U.S. tax obligations.

Community of entrepreneurs and experts

Join the Stripe Atlas Forum—a private discussion board for all Stripe Atlas entrepreneurs around the world. Connect with other entrepreneurs, find beta users, learn from experienced founders, and get advice on surmounting early challenges.

The Stripe Atlas community also includes 200 investors, accelerators, and companies around the world in the Stripe Atlas network, who can directly invite you to Atlas.

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How long does it take?

Once you’re invited to Stripe Atlas, your company will be set up within days. We help take care of all the paperwork.

  • Submit your application
    Day 1

  • Sign documents and access bank account
    Day 2

  • Company incorporated in Delaware
    Day 4

  • Receive a tax ID number from IRS
    Day 11

One time fee


  • Incorporation
  • Issue stock to founders
  • First year of registered agent fees
  • Tax ID (EIN)
  • Bank account opening
  • U.S. Stripe account
  • Free post-incorporation templates

Access special packages

  • $349 for post-incorporation legal advice
  • Corporate tax return preparation starting at $250

Ongoing costs

  • $100 per year to renew Delaware registered agent (renewed automatically)
  • $25 per month to maintain bank account (waived with a minimum account balance)